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Do we deserve this?

March 28, 2016

It’s said that people get the kind of government they deserve, and we might be right on track to prove that saying true.

According to the opinion of the  infamous Jonathan Gruber the American voter is too stupid to understand or care about the intricacies of Washington politics.

We’re not even midway through the 2016 election contest, and it seems he might have been right.

There’s something seriously wrong in the country when the person leading the Democratic party and once fourth in the line of succession to assume the nation’s highest office is a proven scofflaw, and no one cares.

However that pales in comparison to the number of people who are enthusiastically willing to go along with becoming the United Socialist States of America.

With three of the most liberal states in the so-called Pacific bloc voting overwhelmingly for Bernie Sanders, and a strong likelihood that he will do equally well in Oregon and California, you wonder if Gov. Jerry Brown’s call for a California wall ought to take a hard northern bend at about Yuma, AZ and run along the eastern borders of all three of those states to Canada.

And then you have the Clinton campaign. There was something almost comical about Hillary Clinton telling Muslim leaders “…we cannot allow our nation to be pitting groups of people against one another” given that divide and conquer has been the Democrat’s strategy for decades.

Not to be outdone on the GOP side, the people re-tweeting Trump-isms seem to think that there isn’t much difference between the heavily scripted “reality” TV genre, tabloid papers and being  the President.

Why give the guy any more free press?  He can afford to pay for his ads.

Ted Cruz must not understand the meaning of the phrase “never let them see you sweat” since he consistently and predictably gets in a lather every time Trump logs on to his Twitter account.

They don’t call election season the “silly season” for nothing.

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