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Is Trump’s movement still a winner?

March 30, 2016

Live by the tweet, die by the tweet. That may well be the requiem for Donald Trump.

With the two GOP frontrunners still conducting a Twitter war, it seems the main GOP frontrunner may be losing his wider appeal.

Not with everyone mind you. Like the Sanders supporters on the other side, the Donald’s core fan club will stick with him until the bitter end.

That base was never enough to get him elected.

No matter who winds up with the most delegates, that person is going to need to convert a lot of independents and Reagan Democrats to beat Hillary Clinton.

Last night’s town hall in Janesville WI was vintage Trump.

If you like that person, then his often unfocused, rambling, sometimes bombastic answers were probably right up your alley.

No matter what you think of him, Trump is right when he says his supporters comprise a movement.

Whether that movement is more like IBS than American patriotism is your call.

If you one of the unconvinced, you may have nodded in agreement when Anderson Cooper commented on the maturity of his answer about the war of the wives.

Trump often sounds like a five-year-old. Still, many people can identify with any husband’s reaction when someone doesn’t respect his wife.

Unfortunately, we aren’t electing the First Husband unless Hillary wins.

It’s the worst kept secret in the world that CNN isn’t in Trump’s corner, and like all the televised cage matches that preceded it, last night’s town hall was geared to encourage further fireworks between the candidates.

Still, in a campaign where opinions seem to matter more than substance, Anderson Cooper’s observation hit home with people searching for a candidate to replace the one they used to support.

Of the remaining two, Kasich as usual came across like the adult in the room. That’s not going to get him to 1237 delegates, but some voters seem to respond to that approach.

One thing all the candidates agreed upon. The GOP loyalty oath is out the window, gone, finito, cooked like a Christmas goose.

Cruz did his best not to rise to the bait CNN offered, but in doing so, seemed to dodge some of the attendees questions, telling a dairy farmer that he would tighten border security. That may not have addressed the future of the availability of farm labor the questioner was addressing.

Unlike some of the Trump faithful who often sound like junkies desperate for a fix, some people still tune into these televised events because they haven’t made up their minds about the remaining choices.

Often overlooked by the media are all the former  Rubio, Fiorina, Carson and the 10 other defunct candidate’s supporters who didn’t like Mr. Trump in the first round.

Of course they didn’t like the other two remaining candidates either.

These are the folks that the GOP must, repeat must, re-acquire to win in November.

If he hasn’t done so by now, it’s unlikely that Trump has the self-discipline to “act more presidential” even in the general election contest.

Running against a popular female Democratic candidate, that’s a problem.

Somehow, the party must convince voters that supporting anyone, even Trump,  that winds up with the GOP nomination is still better than electing a Democrat.

At this point that may take offering a lifetime supply of nose clips to the currently undecided faction to carry the day.

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