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Is the IRS actively financing illegal immigrants?

April 14, 2016

Sometimes you have to wonder just whose government is sitting In Washington. Other times, it’s pretty clear.

In  stunningly unapologetic testimony  before the Senate Finance Committee on April 13, IRS Commissioner Koskinen admitted that the IRS does not and would not report illegal use of a social security number by an illegal immigrant to file taxes or get a job to the rightful owner.

You’ve heard of fuzzy logic? This is so fuzzy you’d have to use sheep shears to get through it.

Apparently, it’s OK to commit tax fraud, if you do it for the “right” reason.

That reason seems to be if you are in the country illegally and use the purloined SSN to get a job and pay taxes. Once you pay those taxes, it’s also OK to claim refunds and special allowances like the Earned Income Tax Credit.

That’s because the IRS apparently considers that to be use of the stolen number “for legitimate purposes.”


Even more astonishingly, Koskinen testified that the IRS does notify taxpayers if their SSN is used to commit “a criminal act”.

Since when, and under what system of jurisprudence, is identity theft and tax fraud not a criminal act?

If you follow politics long enough, you get pretty jaded. It’s hard to be surprised, much less outraged, by anything.

This qualifies under any standard of scrutiny as outrageous.

Is the government in such desperate financial straits that it has to look the other way just to collect more taxes, or is this a case of aiding and abetting an organized criminal act, i.e. human smuggling?

Make no mistake.  90% of the people that cross our borders illegally are paying organized crime operatives to help them get to the border in the first place.

When this little gem surfaced yesterday,  some people sort of hung back in reporting it, expecting there to be some reaction from the White House, or at least some legal action recommended by the Senate committee hearing this drivel.

While individual lawmakers signaled their desire for such action, nothing official has yet transpired.  Nothing.  Nada. No problemo.  Zilch.  Butkus.

Leave us not forget, the IRS has reported some $5.8 Billion in fraudulent refunds since 2011, as part of its constant whine for more money.

Let’s see, how much would $5.8 billion help their budget?

Commissioner Koskinen’s testimony makes you wonder just how hard the agency is actually working to prevent the crime in the first place. Were they lying then, or are they lying now?

And people wonder why voters are flocking to Donald Trump.

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