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Eat your peas!

April 20, 2016

Every normal human on earth knows that in real life, sometimes you have to eat your peas to get to the ice cream. But then, who says politicians are normal?

Political alarmists on the right are loudly proclaiming that a vote for Donald Trump means the death of the Republican party as we know it.

Trump supporters would answer “And it’s about damned time.”

Fairly or not, the 2016 GOP establishment is seen by many as the party that would rather pull the plug and sink the ship than adapt to the changing world.

Many of the party faithful see their role as “defending  traditional conservative values.”

Detractors point out that in seven years, all that has gained for the party as well as the country is gridlock.

The recent conservative uprising that resulted in Speaker Ryan’s first major defeat on a budget bill only serves to underline the intransigence of the hard-line conservative wing of the party.

In spite of the reported inclusion of many of the most cherished conservative platform agendas, the country is once again looking at passing another omnibus spending bill to guide 2017 spending, thanks to conservative opposition in the House.

Effectively that could mean giving up control over individual appropriation spending, in favor of hitting some magic number for total spending.

More opaquely, it also shows that they have no intention or expectation of retaking the White House unless it is on their terms.

The animal known as the Republican Party would apparently rather starve than eat their peas.

Ted Cruz, running as the ultra-conservative, is the epitome of that line of thinking.

Dare we say it?

The country has left the old hard-line GOP. Instead, it has formed a sort of bi-polar new middle.

Many, many Republican voters don’t personally like Donald Trump. Still, they are realistic enough to see that at this moment in time he offers the best chance to move at least some of their personal agendas forward.

Things like growing the economy, putting American businesses back into the American landscape, not fighting wars stupidly and oh yes, protecting Americans at home are kind of a big deal to those folks.

More importantly, they believe that Trump is truly committed to the same principles, versus just giving lip service to them. They also believe he has the moxie to make it happen.

Politics and the world being what it is, a lot of those people are probably going to be disappointed, just as those who thought Barack Obama could bring the country under socialist rule singlehandedly have been.

Be that as it may, they still want to give the country a shot at being the land of promise it used to be, and they sure don’t see Ted Cruz as the person to do that.

It isn’t Donald Trump who is bringing down the establishment GOP. To assign blame for that they need only look in a mirror.

It looks like at this point, the GOP can eat their peas or hold out until the ice cream melts and spoils.

Of course, they could also wait for Hillary Clinton to cover the peas with ice cream, but they apparently haven’t thought about that particular outcome yet.

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