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Trump, the crossover voter’s candidate?

April 22, 2016

With his GOP frontrunner status firmly cemented for the moment, is Donald Trump trying to pull the Clinton camp’s fangs ahead of the general election campaign?

Some of Trump’s recent comments sure sound like it.

Ms. Clinton’s natural inclination is to attack Trump on traditional liberal issues. If you could get a look at her campaign’s bullet point attack list, it would surely include such issues as intolerance of the LGBT community, protecting his fat cat buddies from increased taxes, being too rich to identify with hard-working Americans, throwing granny off the bridge, etc. etc. Same old same old.

It kind of looks like he’s beating her to the punch. Currently he is making news with his comments about raising taxes on the wealthy and making some very limited exceptions to the GOP platform of  “no abortions, no way, never”, such as in the case of saving the life of the mother.

While the conservative media world picks up its jaw, to an awful lot of people on both sides of the aisle that’s simply acknowledging that a real world exists outside the realm of the GOP’s strait-jacketed ideology.

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of husbands and children who might object to the GOP deciding that their wives and mothers should be sacrificed to satisfy laws based on a political agenda.

At this stage of the game, and considering that he fully believes the GOP convention will have no excuse to try to deny him the top spot on their ticket, it’s natural to start trying out campaign tactics on his obvious opponent.

Trump has said from the beginning that he can attract moderate Democrats in sufficient numbers to counteract any losses from the hardcore conservative wing of the party.

The problem with that is he may lose even the more moderate Republicans if he swings too far left trying for the Sanders Democrats, who might simply see him as pandering to them.

In short, some may see him as just saying whatever he has to say to get votes, because that’s how politics works. Trump’s new advisers are even beginning to push that line to some of the delegates they are wooing.

The danger is that his base may pull away from him if they sense he’s going over to the enemy or worse, that he has been playing them for schmucks all along. He still needs his followers until he walks out of Cleveland with the nomination, but he will need them even more in November.

One of the truly myopic memes in this election season has been to try to define Donald Trump through the lens of politics.

Remember, he isn’t a politician. He’s a businessman.

While it might be tough for some people to understand, money has no gender, religion or racial characteristics. It’s just green.

People who operate in global business markets literally can’t afford to be biased to any great extent.

When people lease or buy a Trump property, their money isn’t color-coded. When they book a multi-national convention at one his hospitality venues,  or hire him to develop a property, no one checks the shade of their skin or does a plumbing inspection. The only thing they look at is whether the deal is good for business.

Although there are certainly exceptions to every rule, big business, particularly in the hospitality and entertainment fields, has to be about as diversity-oriented as any industry can possibly be or the business doesn’t survive for very long.

The customer is king. That’s not a slogan. It’s the first rule of business survival.

If your mind doesn’t work that way, consider this

If you needed a heart transplant, would you refuse it because the chief surgeon didn’t pass your personal bias test?

Right now, for all intents and purposes the American people are Trump’s customers.

If you’re going to make one bet on the next seven months, drop your money on this.

It’s still not going to be politics as usual.

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