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The IRS is at it again.

April 23, 2016

Just when you start to wonder why we are all putting up with this often dysfunctional and chaotic election system, along comes a story that just screams “throw the bums out” all over again.

Missouri Congressman Jason Smith just blew the whistle on yet another example of IRS abuse of taxpayer funds, and it’s a story worth reading.

Printed in the Rolla Daily News, the story is particularly irritating if like myself, you sat on hold for over 30 minutes at a time waiting to get an IRS taxpayer assistant on the phone, only to have the damn line disconnect without so much as a by-your-leave.

Of course the  IRS had already gone on record whining about how their budget just didn’t allow enough money for taxpayer assistance services, although according to Congressman Smith the budget for taxpayer assistance was actually increased.

Congressman Smith blows that whine out of the water. According to the article, $130 million was rerouted BY THE IRS from taxpayer services to fund the implementation of Obamacare mandates.

It is unclear from the story whether the IRS has the authority to shuffle funds around this way. What is not unclear was that Congress had refused to allocate money for the mandates, had specifically indicated those mandates were not to be implemented, and the IRS chose to fund them anyway.

IRS Director Koskinen has at various times displayed a particularly arrogant attitude when asked to explain the actions of the IRS, or to provide details of how he is “cleaning up” the IRS.

He has even faced judicial rebuke and a threat of impeachment. As recently as April 19, the calls for impeachment were renewed, and you have to think that this little item has to figure into an ongoing pattern of misconduct in office.

Although it is just one of what is probably hundreds of similar instances of contempt by Federal officials for the ordinary citizens, the revelation that you probably didn’t need to file your taxes without any assistance from the IRS is particularly grating.

And the major political parties wonder why people are backing Donald Trump.

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