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And now there’s just one.

May 4, 2016

Well, OK, two, but at some point Governor Kasich will remember that he’s still a state governor and go home to take care of the job he’s already been elected to do.

With the RNC acknowledging that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee, the Republican primary season is over.

Mr. Trump  has about three months to let people get over their hurt feelings and coalesce around his fall campaign.

In the meantime there is Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton didn’t have a stellar night in Indiana, losing by five points to Bernie Sanders, and she may well lose a few more times, but she’s still the Democrat’s standard bearer.

The nice thing about that is her negatives are so strong, Mr. Trump has no need to invent catchy hashtags for her.

One that comes to mind is hypocritical, and the often replayed moment of her feeble attempts to placate a coal miner who is out of a job thanks to her support for the much ballyhooed war on coal is the perfect campaign ad.

The truth is so messy and inconvenient.

Once again, Hillary Clinton stepped into a pile of her own making, leaving her people to break out the shovels.  In fact her campaign gives a whole new meaning to the term, shovel ready.

That’s the problem with constantly trying to pander to a voting bloc instead of representing all of the people.

You can only complain about being taken out of context so many times before people come to the obvious conclusion.

Context, shmontex.  It’s on tape. It’s one of the central issues of the Obama presidency,  and she’s been on board with that policy forever and a day.

The Obama administration and the Democrats in general made a promise to destroy the fossil fuel industry, and in particular, the coal industry.  Unlike many of their promises, they actually followed through and achieved that goal, with every major U.S. coal company now either out of business or in bankruptcy.

It ought to be pretty hard to look a man in the face and tell him that you have his best interests at heart when you just celebrated the policies that took away his livelihood.

For Mrs. Clinton, it’s simply business as usual.

Mr. Copley is just one of the estimated 31,000 coal industry employees now out of work to further the fortunes of the green energy sector.

Mrs. Clinton went to her standard campaign line about retraining the workers and getting them good-paying green energy jobs.

Yeah, right. That and a fiver will get you a no-frills latte.

Maybe her base is still buying her brand of politics. No one else is, not even on her left, but she is what she is. She’s going to push her standard message as often and as loudly as she can.

Of course when she does it badly, a 74-year old socialist who often bears an uncanny resemblance to Christopher Lloyd’s zany Dr. Emmett Brown (of “Back to the Future” fame) comes along and beats her at her own game.

Left or right, America is tired of politics as usual.

That means the next seven months will be loud, mean and nasty, and should be an absolute blockbuster for the media.

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