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No sale yet, Mr. Trump

May 10, 2016

Ruth, age 54, is a senior executive secretary in a large multinational corporation. She is a staunch Republican, and has always voted a straight party ticket. She has three grown children and describes herself as “pretty conservative.”

For the first time that she can remember, she isn’t sure about voting for Donald Trump just because he’s a Republican.

Am I a fan of Donald Trump?

No, I wouldn’t say that I am, maybe more of an observer really. I do think some of his ideas are good, but as a candidate he makes me nervous. I guess you might say I’m decidedly undecided.

Do I have reservations about Mr. Trump?

Oh yes, lots of them. I have to admit I’ve met him very briefly and heard him speak twice on business matters as a part of my duties at work, and he certainly didn’t act or sound like he has in the campaign. I don’t know which one is the real Donald Trump, and that’s very confusing.

What he says about Hillary and the “woman card” doesn’t bother me, in fact I agree with him. I’ve never had any trouble being treated equally, because I perform equally.

I feel like he is a “win at any cost” personality, and he seems to have a very combative nature. I don’t know if that’s a good thing in a President.

I do think he would be great with the finances and fixing the economy. Everyone in business knows you can’t run a company or a country in the red all the time and have it survive.

On immigration, I think he over-simplifies the solutions. I don’t think a wall will keep bad people out, especially since we don’t have one on the Canadian border, and anyone can forge papers and fly into either coast. I don’t think he can round up all the illegal aliens and deport them, because there are just too many now.

Still, I am very concerned that someone or some group is deliberately trying to change our national identity and purpose and he is the only one who seems serious about doing something about it.

Do I think he will be elected?

Gosh, I just don’t know. Most of my friends don’t like him because they think he doesn’t have Christian values and he seems very crude and undignified to them. When I saw him speak he wasn’t like that.  He was well spoken, sensible and calm.  I think the way he  is now is going to be an issue. Just like people instinctively disliked Ted Cruz, I think the people that can’t stand his personality won’t look beyond it to see how he handles issues.

I suppose if those things aren’t really important anymore to people, he has a good chance. I know I need to see him act more professionally before I could vote for him. I preferred John Kasich for his depth of experience, but he was very vapid and unnaturally passive (compared to how he’s acted as a governor) while campaigning.

I do know we can’t keep going the way we are going. I want to be convinced, but he’s the one that has to do it. I would never vote for Hillary.

Am I surprised that he’s the last one standing?

Flabbergasted would be a better word. He is obviously learning on the job, and I never thought for a minute that he’d last even halfway through the primaries.

It’s funny how you don’t know how many people think alike until something brings them together. I’m very dissatisfied with how my party has handled President Obama, but I didn’t think I had millions of people for company.

What do I think of Paul Ryan’s public opposition?

What a shallow little man. He’s said all along that he would support the nominee, and then he acts like this? Obviously someone at the top of the party hierarchy got to him. If I vote for Mr. Trump, that will have a lot to do with it.

I think the Republicans need to pay attention to what their voters want a little more. Not everyone is a “conservative.”

Do I think he’s conservative enough?

I’m not sure he is a conservative at all, at least as we have been conditioned to judge conservatism. I think that’s going to both hurt and help him in the general election. My personal belief is that probably less than 10% of voters are really conservative, which I view as primarily upholding Christian values. There isn’t a lot of turn-the-other-cheek and trust-to-God-to-make things-right philosophy left in the world. On the other hand He tells us that He will help those that help themselves, so maybe that’s where Mr. Trump fits in.

I do think Mr. Trump will change the party’s definition of conservative from a moral focus to a practical one.

Do I think he can make America great again?

I think he’s bitten off more than he can chew, just because he is an outsider and doesn’t understand what he’s up against. Still, if he can’t deliver on all or most of his promises, then he’s no better than any other politician. I do think he has given people hope that there can be change, so maybe that will carry the day.”

Note: As mentioned in the last post, names have been changed to protect the candid. Ruth is a pseudonym. Everything else is exactly as Ruth sent back in her email.

One more voter weighs in the next post, and he’s a moderate Democrat.  Don’t miss this one.

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