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Dems for Trump?

May 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton is making a lot of noise about crossover voters supporting her. Here is a man who is going the other way.

Mike is a lifelong Democrat of mixed racial heritage. He’s 59, a military veteran, and spent some 20 years working in the commercial construction industry before opening his own business in 2002.

Am I a fan of Donald Trump?

Oh yeah.  All the way. This is my guy, right to the bitter end, unless he caves in on what he says. If he does, I won’t vote at all.

Trump is what Democrats used to be. He’s for the working man, he’s a patriot, and he’s not afraid to stand up to the bosses. He’s for taking care of our own first.

Democrats used to be about helping people get the American dream, not scolding them for wanting it.

Listen, you don’t really get how screwed up this country is until you have your own business. Ever try to fill out a Federal contract bid?  Half the damn thing is all about how you’re going to babysit the workers and change their pants every time they poop.

I’m for treating people right, but if they can’t do the job, I shouldn’t have to be stuck with them. This a right to work state, but I start people at $10 or more, because starving people don’t make good employees. Some people make even above scale. When one guy broke his leg off the job, I kept him on the payroll for 6 weeks. One of my best workers is a woman, and I’m looking at making her a foreman when we need another one.

But when I fired a minority for slacking off and being late, I spent three months trying to prove that he wasn’t fired because he’s a minority. What’s with that?

What with healthcare increases and now maybe a national $15 minimum wage, my overhead has just gone out of sight. That means I can’t  afford to hire unless I just can’t get around it. That’s just wrong. Before Obamacare, I would hire young people and they would kind of grow with the company.  I think Mr. Trump understands that handouts don’t work.

So yeah, I’m a fan.

Do I have reservations about Mr. Trump?

No. What I worry about is all the big powerful people that have a lot to lose if he gets elected. And what’s up with this Bernie Sanders dude? Since when is America all about getting something for nothing? I got a degree in business and paid for it myself going to night school for seven years before I opened this place. I did that so I wouldn’t be one of those people that open a business and fail in the first few years. I damn well did build this business and I don’t owe Hillary or Obama or anybody else in government a red cent for my success.

Get out of Trump’s way, and he will get us back on track.

Do I think he will be elected?

Like I said, I think there’s a lot of big money and powerful people on both sides that he scares the you know what out of. Let’s face it, he isn’t really what people are used to.

A lot of people are scared to admit they’ll vote for him, so they never get counted in those polls. I think it’ll be a dogfight, but I think he gets it done.

Am I surprised that he’s the last one standing?

Yeah, actually I am, especially since he spent the least of anybody by far.  It was what he had to say and the American people that put him on top, not his money.

What do I think of Paul Ryan’s public opposition?

Doesn’t surprise me. He’s one of those pantywaist politicians with a lot to lose. I could tell you what I really think of him and his buddies, but maybe I’d better not.

Do I think he’s conservative enough?

For what?  To win over the Republican party? Hell no. He’s what I call a practical conservative. He knows where to spend money to get the most bang for the buck, but I can’t picture him giving money to some touchy-feelie conservative cause just to get elected.

If you mean for people like me that worry my grandkids will be growing up in a place run like Russia, then sure, he’s plenty conservative.

Do I think he can make America great again?

Yes, if they let him.

Listen, I didn’t know where to put this, so I’ll just say it. The politicians have ruined this country.

I worry about the kids. They seem to be so naïve about how the world works. I have a hard time keeping people under about 35, because they don’t understand that to have jobs, you have to have businesses that make money. You interview a 20-somethng and the first thing they do is ask what I’m going to do for them. If they don’t feel like coming to work, they just don’t show up. I actually had one girl tell me she “took a me day” and she’d only been here five weeks. She’s got lots of “me” days now.

Free college? Give me a break. If these kids and their parents are so stupid they can’t add up four years of tuition and figure out in advance that they can’t afford it, they’re too dumb to make use of college once they have it. Get a job, pick a school you can afford and pay for it yourself, and then it means something to you.

Those Trump protestors aren’t fighting for justice or equality for blacks, Mexicans, women or anybody else. They’re fighting to stay on the gravy train and right now Hillary’s got the ladle.

I just want people to know that not everyone registered as a Democrat is blind to that.”

Note:  The usual disclaimer. Mike is a pseudonym.  What he had to say is unedited.

That concludes this little snapshot into the 2016 Trump voter profile. What does it mean?

There is most definitely a message. Friday I’ll comment on what that message is, and why it matters.

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