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Crazy like a fox?

May 13, 2016

It seems that Donald Trump is not the only person cultivating a less-than-mainstream political identity.

In the middle of the most emotionally charged presidential campaign in decades, Barack Obama grabbed his gas can and dumped it onto the flames. That’s either very stupid, or the height of political acumen, depending on how each party incorporates it into their strategy.

As if the issue of Federal overreach wasn’t enough of an issue in the campaign already, the President’s “guidance” requiring public schools to allow members if the LGBT community  access to the facilities of their choice or lose Federal funding  exploded like an IED.

You can almost see the headlines now. Actually there’s no need to wait. They’re already out there. This whole controversy is just one big clickbait generator.

While the visible flashpoint is the issue of where LGBT persons can use the restrooms, showers and locker rooms, the actual issue is the limit of Federal authority.

This is not going to promote more acceptance of LGBT people in general and transgendered people specifically.  In fact it may well have sent their cause back to the Stone Age.

At this point it doesn’t matter that there is little to no evidence that transgendered people are any more likely to be sexual predators than any other segment of the population, or that they are actively trying to create a “sexless” world.

You mess with people’s kids, and you mess with the very fabric of the country. Objectivity goes out the window.

The Feds have a long, rich, well-documented history of blackmailing states into bending to their will.

Case in point, the Feds wanted a 55-mph national speed limit to conserve fuel, so in 1974 they threatened to withhold Federal highway funds, and all the states fell into line.

That law, like Prohibition before it, eventually went the way of the dodo, having never produced its intended result.

Underlying the whole issue is whether the way to curtail the power of the government is to starve it of funds.

The more of people’s personal capital the government can control, the closer the population comes to being a captive workforce.

Rubbing people’s noses in the reality that they bartered away their personal freedoms for the uncertain security of the Federal teat long ago seems to be a rather poor campaign strategy.

Hillary Clinton, having decided to run on Barack Obama’s record, is now inextricably tied to this latest Federal mandate.

Before you assume that this latest issue is the death knell for the Democratic frontrunner, consider this.

On the Republican side, the whole issue is one big minefield.

The best they can hope for is that they can stay focused on the underlying issue of power over the people rather than the power of the people.

Or, they can take the bait, and turn the whole campaign into a stage play where Hillary Clinton and the Democrats emerge as the champion of the underdog, and Republicans and Donald Trump become  the modern day version of Simon LeGree.

Given the very personal nature of the issue, avoiding that outcome isn’t going to be easy.

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