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The people held hostage – again.

May 20, 2016

With the newest Washington sideshow being staged around LGBT rights, one  wonders if it wouldn’t be better to just hope for a giant sinkhole to open and swallow the place whole. After all, the place isn’t that far above sea level, so if global warming doomsday predictions are true,  maybe it will just go away on its own someday. We can only hope.

In the meantime it is an election year, so nothing will happen in the Capital for the next six months that isn’t meant to be spun to one party or the other’s advantage.

With budget and appropriations legislation pending on the floors of both houses of Congress it seems that once again the nation has to endure an unending round of  childish partisan chest-beating.

In this instance, it seems the administration, perhaps looking for something to act as a wedge issue that might distract voters from any factual information pertaining to the Democrats chosen standard bearer, waded in with the letter threatening schools with loss of funding over the transgender bathroom tissue.

Whee!  Instant Twitter war. Mission accomplished.

It seems the latest spring legislative fashion is to attach some sort of statement on the issue to legislation whose underlying reason for being has diddly-squat to do with where or with whom you pee or shower.

Both parties are guilty of rising to the smallest crumb of bait, and like newly-released hatchery fish, they rise to anything that hits the water.

Now, if politicians want to fight about transgender rights, that’s their perogative. But let them do it over legislation specific to that issue.

Instead one Republican  lawmaker attaches a totally irrelevant amendment to a bill dealing with defense policy of all things, and of course the Democrats, led by their reliable foghorn, Nancy Pelosi,  immediately threatened to hold up military construction and veteran’s program spending until the “bigoted” Republican party members capitulate and agree to anything the Democrats want in the way of LGBT rights.

Never mind that the country as a whole is completely undecided about the  underlying merits of the bathroom issue.

Most people don’t want transgender people to be abused, but on the other hand they don’t want to have a person who looks and possibly could physically function as a member of the opposite sex showering with their kids either.

A few people have actually proposed that perhaps the whole thing could be mediated to allow a compromise. Perhaps a third bathroom option, or perhaps making bathroom choice  conditional on whether the transgendered person is well into or has completed the process of gender reassignment.

Others wonder why the preferences of  1 to 3% of the population should be able to dictate whether taxpayers funds contributed by the remaining 97-99% can be withheld over something that seems almost to be contrived just for the election season.

Even if you believe passionately in LGBT rights, does that mean that school children should  be held hostage in this social skirmishing?

Questions like that never enter into the conversation, because the whole issue is not about gender or even equality. It’s about power.

But that’s OK, Washington. Keep it up. Remind us all again of why we have decided that enough is enough. This is one time the hostages might be ready to fight back.

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