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Like it or lump it, Trump’s the guy.

May 26, 2016

It’s funny – Donald Trump using a teleprompter in his North Dakota-based energy policy speech sounds a lot like Donald Trump not using a teleprompter.

That’s not meant to be snarky. It’s just that his GOP detractors are waiting for the Republican candidate to sound just like every other politician, and it just ain’t gonna happen.

Of course his Democratic opponent will try to pick apart his energy policy speech, but what Trump said about a balanced energy policy that includes fossil fuels actually makes a whole lot of sense to most people.

By the time he gets to Cleveland, it’s entirely likely that Mr. Trump will arrive with an even more  massive popular mandate than he has now.

Interestingly, but true to form for this election year, it was a regular guy (albeit one with a fine sense of history), a small businessman from North Dakota, who put him statistically over the top, while the GOP establishment as personified by Paul Ryan is still trying to pretend the party controls this election.

Considering that Speaker Ryan can’t even control his own House members, that seems more than a little childish.

And just think…we’ve got almost exactly five-and-half more months to watch the show. Sort of a political World of Warcraft®.  Somehow that simile seems almost normal this year.

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