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When is enough finally enough?

June 7, 2016

Donald Trump’s latest salvo brings up some interesting questions.

If you were born here to legally naturalized American citizen parents, are you an American?

If not then none of us are, including Mr. Trump, because unless you are Native American, at some point in your family tree there’s an immigrant.

Can Donald Trump understand the magnitude of the job he’s applying for, and if so, when?

That’s the real question behind all the uproar over Donald Trump’s accusation of judicial bias based on ethnicity against Judge Curiel.

It isn’t that Mr. Trump doesn’t have the right as a private citizen and a losing defendant to question the judge’s decision on whatever grounds he wants to use. We already know he doesn’t like to lose.

Most people would do that through their attorneys by filing an appeal, but saying out it loud yourself isn’t illegal or even immoral.  People question judge’s decisions all the time, including as recently as Monday, as in the case of the Stanford Swimmer.

What’s so basically wrong with his argument is that he simply doesn’t seem able to grasp his obligations as a potential President.

Mr. Trump seems to think the campaign is a duel, when in reality, it’s more akin in scope to the Normandy invasion.

As the presumptive Republican nominee, Mr. Trump is being evaluated on a world stage, not on the escalator of the Trump Tower.

It isn’t about some 19th century idea of Victorian manners or PC run amuck. It’s simply about having the good judgment to understand that with great power comes great responsibility, and knowing when to keep your mouth shut is one of those responsibilities.

If he had said he disagreed with the decision and would appeal it, that would have been perfectly fine. He could have let the appellate brief speak for his position.

Instead he went off on his familiar “everybody hates me because I’m rich and I’m running for President” theme. He doubled down on it with his view that Muslim judges couldn’t be impartial either, and again, it was all about him.

Presumably in the Wonderful World of Trump, judges would have to be matched to cases based on their ethnicity or religious beliefs relative to the plaintiff and defendant.

At this point it doesn’t matter what he meant…what people heard is that Mexican and Muslim judges can’t be trusted to make fair and impartial decisions.

There have been questions all along about whether Trump was simply on an ego trip when he announced his candidacy, or whether he could grow as a person into someone capable of governing  with the entire country’s best interests at heart.

With his continued defense of his comments regarding the judge, not to mention his total inability to acknowledge an error in the tone of his words much less the substance of his comments, that question seems to have been answered.

He seems essentially unable to divorce his personal bias from his duties to the country.

The country has already had nearly eight years of that…it doesn’t need more of it, from either side of the aisle.

Mr. Trump has seemed to be searching for the thing that would finally derail his campaign for months.

He may have finally found it.

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