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Can we survive four more years of Democratic rule?

June 17, 2016

Believe it or not, that’s the backroom small business topic of the moment.

Given the unprecedented opposition to Donald Trump by his own party, many business owners are wondering if they can survive the onslaught of regulations and mandates that are surely coming when Hillary is elected.

And there is no “if” in that equation.

Most of the conventional wisdom is that the GOP is so fractured that even if the party does finally have to nominate Trump, he stands less chance than a snowball surviving in hell of being elected.

There is little doubt that another Clinton presidency would result in hiking the minimum wage to at least $15, full-on single payer healthcare, free college, massive business tax hikes to pay for all those goodies, price controls on some industries (a favorite Bernie Sanders topic) and draconian environmental regulations.

And that’s just in the first 100 days.

If that sounds like a version of the sky is falling, then you haven’t been reading the campaign signage at Clinton and Sanders’ rallies.

Signs like “Kill big oil” or “Free college is a basic human right” or “Deport cops not Mexicans” or  “A vote for Trump is a vote for white supremacy” or “Profit is a four-letter word” reflect exactly what the Democratic base is expecting from their candidates.

They won’t get everything they want, but they’ll get enough of it to make life hard on their enemies, real and perceived.

The people caught in the middle are the economic backbone of the economy, small business owners.

Given that mindset, it’s no wonder that many business owners are wondering if they still have time to bail out, i.e. sell while there might still be a buyer pool out there.

Others are exploring the creation of small business coalitions, i.e. using the organizing strategies of the left against them.

Whatever survival tactics they are brainstorming, the ideological struggle is already having an impact.

The primary goal of a business should be to maintain a growth pattern that allows them to provide steady employment and make enough profit to stay in business.

That is absolutely not the primary focus of the day, and in the end, even if the GOP somehow manages to win in November, the effects of this election will echo for years to come.

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