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Why the GOP always loses.

June 18, 2016

The dueling headlines say it all.

From CNN: “Clinton campaign takes control of the DNC”  and ” ‘RNC Delegates launch “Anybody but Trump drive’ ”

In other words, one party is focused on winning the presidency, while the other is focused on nothing at all.

The same thing happened in 2012 and 2008.

Once somebody on the Republican side decides they don’t like the party’s candidate, the whole bunch splits into warring camps so intent on winning their own little skirmish that they are oblivious to the big picture.

To put it another way, the DNC behaves like a well-tended band of sheep, while the RNC behaves like a startled covey of quail.

National political committees are SUPPOSED to be about electing candidates that can defeat the other side’s candidate.

You can bet that not every Democrat is for Hillary Clinton, because some of them voted for Bernie Sanders.

The difference is, nobody in the DNC gives a damn about what their individual members want.

The Democrats have  more to gain from electing Hillary than Bernie and that’s the end of the discussion.

Conversely, Republicans are all about the principle of the thing and they are more than willing to commit party fratricide to maintain those lofty principles.

It’s unclear what good having principles does if you have no one in office that can fight for them.

At least the Democrats won’t have to spend as much money as they may have budgeted for this campaign.

After all, why spend money on ads when the Republicans are so good at defeating their own candidate?

It would be absolutely delicious if Donald Trump manages to somehow beat not just the Clinton machine but the Republicans as well.

There’s a reason why his campaign slogan says “Make America Great Again” and not “Support your RNC.”

There are a whole lot of plain old folks out there that hope he can pull it off.

Winning is, after all, the best revenge.

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  1. Except that I’m not sure that Trump actually fits with any of the GOP’s lofty principles…he isn’t even really a conservative. The Republicans are in complete chaos this year, which… well, I’m just gonna sit back and have some popcorn.

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