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Is the DOJ tampering with evidence?

June 20, 2016

In this hotly contested election year, it’s tempting to put a political spin on everything connected to Washington D.C. In fact, it’s almost impossible not to do so.

So when United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch states flatly that the 9-1-1 transcripts of the Orlando shooter’s calls are going to be edited or censored or sanitized, or whatever it is the DOJ is doing with them, politics is definitely a consideration.

Let’s be clear. Releasing the full text of any communication with a suspect, or in this case a perpetrator, to the public is not required. Believe it or not, sometimes the public doesn’t have the right to know.

Law enforcement often both utilizes and manipulates the media as a tool in investigations, such as when they released the pictures of the Boston bombers.

If the shooter was still alive and on the run, there could be valid investigatory reasons to edit the transcripts.

This doesn’t feel like that is what is afoot here. This feels like a good old-fashioned politically motivated whitewash.

For one thing, the AG’s excuse that its being done to “spare the feelings of the families” is very thin.

If that was the case, why make a big to-do about the massacre being all about bigotry against the LGBT and Hispanic community?  It would seem that such a motive would also be very hurtful to the families and survivors.

Why not just refuse to release the transcripts at all if you want to spare someone’s feelings?

After all, the shooter is dead, and a public case is already being made to absolve the wife of any blame due to mental defect. Isn’t it just feeding the morbid curiosity of the public to release the transcripts at this, or any time?

Or, is it a page out of a Democratic campaign strategy manual to portray ISIS as a non-threat, and place the blame on gun owners, homophobia and anti-Hispanic bigotry?

Even more concerning is the possibility that some investigator with more scruples than political ambition makes a connection to a larger terrorist community, and the transcripts become evidence in a court proceeding.

Would the DOJ conveniently lose the edited portions of the transcripts if they pointed to a network of Islamic terrorist sympathizers?

Like Caesar’s wife, Lady Justice must be above reproach. In this case, the back of her robes are definitely getting muddy.

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