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Will voters buy a share in Donald Trump’s America?

June 22, 2016

A lot has been made of Donald Trump’s primary popular vote total, which Real Clear Politics has reported to be over 13.3 million votes.

That’s a big deal, but it isn’t going to be enough get him elected, not by about 52 million votes or so.

From this point on, he needs to be able to meet and beat Hillary Clinton dollar for dollar to reach the voters who don’t want to see another Obama term as well as the ones that tend to vote based on the last good tweet they read on November 8.

The latest “smart money” blather is that he can’t beat her because she has more committed donor money, and the big donors won’t back him.

Given that Mrs. Clinton is prattling  on about him being owned by Wall Street, that’s actually kind of odd, but this is politics. Logic doesn’t apply.

The one sure way Trump can put Hillary’s claim that he is owned by Wall Street to bed is to prove conclusively that America wants a change badly enough to donate to him.

Exactly how would that work?

Well, for one thing he can capitalize (sorry, but that was just too easy) on his primary popularity.

If everyone of those 13.3 million people would donate just $9.95 by July 4th, he could raise $132.34 million.

If they committed to that same $9.95 each month for the next four months, he would raise over  $528 million.

Yeah, you read that right.

Over half a billion dollars, $9.95 at a time.

That’s the same half billion that he says is all he would personally need to win the White House, without getting one single red cent from the party, disaffected Cruz, Kasich and Rubio voters or any Wall Street or king-making moguls.

The plus side of that is, any money those big donors did give could go to the GOP’s down ballot candidates, absolving them from having to say they elected Donald Trump.

It would also go a long way toward his claim that he wants to represent the little guys and prove they want him to do just that.

The backbone of his base is with people who live virtually paycheck to paycheck, but could still afford less than ten dollars a month to buy a share in Trump’s vision for America.

The thing is, he’s got to ask for it or at least his fund raisers will. It remains to be seen how long it takes for them to figure it out. As long as the campaign tells people it doesn’t need their money, they going to believe their help isn’t needed or possibly even wanted.

Apparently neither his fundraising team or the RNC understand where their candidate’s real strength is in this election either, because the minimum donation on his Trump 2016 website is set at $35.

C’mon guys.  You’re smarter than that.

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