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The worst kept secret in Washington

July 5, 2016

After spending  approximately 14 minutes of a 15 minute presser laying out a case apparently proving at least misdemeanor-level  gross negligence against Hillary Clinton and her State Dept, FBI Director James Comey delivered his department’s not unexpected recommendations to the Department of Justice.

“Sorry for the inconvenience folks, but we’ve decided there is no “there” here.”

Of note were his repeated references  not to the lack of impact of the findings, but to his department’s judgment that no Department of Justice prosecutor would bring charges on those findings.

That isn’t going to be breaking news to AG Lynch.


Other than the Director putting it on the record that Mrs. Clinton is a lousy administrator and a security risk, nothing really changed.

Those who feel that she’s a crook will continue to feel that way. Those that feel she was a persecuted heroine in a bad political work of fiction will retain their opinions as well.

To be sure, both campaigns now have an arsenal full of ammunition, but even that isn’t the issue at hand.

Moving on, the election is still going to come down to what people want out of their government.

It appears that we now know that the issue is whether you want to be supported by the government at any cost, or whether you are willing to assume a little risk and responsibility for your own life in exchange for the possibility of achieving great success in the end.

The candidate that rounds up the most supporters for one or the other of those arguments most effectively will be our next president.

‘Nuff said

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