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Are you ready for some hardball?

July 6, 2016

If you are Donald Trump’s campaign, you damn well better be ready.

With the FBI investigation supposedly fading to nothingness in the rear view mirror, President Obama is finally able to hit the campaign trail for his third term.

You can almost imagine a conversation that goes “Get Comey off his arse. Put a period on this investigation and turn me loose!”

Oh yeah, there is that pesky Constitutional limit, but make no mistake, the man you heard in North Carolina yesterday is running for office or at least to protect his legacy.

As campaigners go, comparing Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama is like comparing a kindergarten starlet to Lawrence Fishburne performing Othello.

The guy is that good at what he likes to do best. This is a man who could demonize Joan of Arc and make you believe it.

If this was still 2008 you could go home in the third quarter, because the final score would be a foregone conclusion.

It isn’t 2008 or even 2012, and this is a far more cynical audience than the President enjoyed then.

Given that Trump’s team includes some pretty savvy political operatives you have to hope that someone’s been sitting the presumptive GOP nominee down and making him watch game films.

It’s not that the Obama storyline is new.

This is the same playbook in use by the progressive/liberal left for 50 years. It’s always drawn respectable ticket sales, and sometimes it’s been a sellout.

As always, the support of the hardcore Democratic hometown fans  is assured.

What’s needed here are some new plays that can convert the sideline watchers to join the visting team’s cheering section.

Those will have to  be provided by Trump himself, and he’s got some credibility as a crowd pleaser too.

He’s also got a disconcerting habit of throwing interceptions when he’s 10 yards from the end zone.

Infantile playground insults and late night tweets just ain’t gonna cut it from now on.

Furthermore they aren’t even necessary, given that FBI  Director Comey, whether through hubris,  artlessness or conscience, pretty well wrote the copy for every GOP campaign ad necessary for the next four months.

If Mr. Trump did nothing but repeat verbatim the points from the first 14 minutes of Mr. Comey’s extraordinary presser of July 5, he has all the ammunition he needs to point out Mrs. Clinton’s shortcomings.

As nice as that is for the Trump campaign, it now places the burden of actually proving that he is better than she is as a planner and prospective president squarely on Trump’s shoulders.

In  short, it’s time to start sounding less like a ring man at a wrestling match and more like the chief executive of the United States.

If the Trump campaign has an A game, they’d best trot it out and then step it up from there.

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  1. Good advice. However, Trump’s 70. Expecting him to pivot is like asking your grampa to break dance. The same is basically true of Mrs. Clinton. These geezers are what they are. She can’t “become likable”. He can’t stop dry-drunk tweeting.

  2. Yeah, bad habits are hard to break. At any age.

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