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The People vs. Hillary Clinton

July 7, 2016

Somehow we’ve managed to keep the world’s first country founded as a representative democracy around through a lot of remodels.

That model has historically presupposed that the people actually matter.

The election of 2008 showed that our values and ethics as a country were changing. In 2012, we got a warning that the country had slid a lot to the left and further away from its founding ideals than we may have thought.

This election is about shopping for the best replacement president before the whole concept of the country goes under.

Oh yes, and a bit about equal treatment under the law.

We’ve become so inured to being used and lied to by our elected officials  we don’t even find it odd anymore. It’s just the new normal.

After listening to her Democratic sycophants blathering on about poor victimized Hillary and mocking any attempt to hold her accountable for what the FBI director calls recklessly careless behavior, the country as a whole may just sigh and fall back into line

The more than three hours of testimony  by FBI Director Comey doesn’t seem to have changed that feeling.

Several times during his testimony Mr. Comey reiterated that it was no business of the FBI’s during this specific investigation whether or not Hillary Clinton had perjured herself in her previous congressional committee face-offs or whether she lied to the American people.

His take on it was that he hadn’t been asked to investigate her for perjury related to the congressional hearings, so that line of questioning was irrelevant to the investigation at hand.

According to the Director, the only thing that mattered in the end was what she told the FBI during her Saturday meeting with them relative to national security and her use of a private email system.

That implies that either she did not lie to the FBI about any of the facts they already had in their possession, or that they did not ask her questions that she might have had to lie about when answering.

We, as in the common people, will probably never see an unedited or unredacted transcript of that meeting, so we will probably never know which of those scenarios is closer to the truth.

As he has in the past, Director Comey never said that what Mrs. Clinton did was right. In fact he said that if she had been an FBI employee, she “would have been walked out.”

He simply said that he didn’t think anyone would prosecute a criminal case against her on the sole charge of gross negligence, given that she is no longer in office.

At times it sounded like he thought of this more as a civil case, or maybe a personnel matter.

In effect he said that being incompetent or intellectually unable to perform her job at any higher standard was OK, since they couldn’t prove any real harm was intended or came from it.

In short, no harm, no foul.

The upshot is that she is free to compete at will during the rest of the campaign.

If that all seems a bit ethically squishy, too bad.

In the end, it will be a jury of voters that weighs in for the last time on this issue.

It sort of reminds you of one of those TV shows where the prosecutor asks whether the witness is lying now, or did they lie before?

Which might leave us to wonder how many of her campaign promises she actually intends to keep, or does she already know it’s just so much election year hot air?

Senator Chaffetz’s vow to provide the FBI with the appropriate paperwork vis-à-vis whether she perjured herself before Congress notwithstanding, if you haven’t heard enough by now to form an opinion of her competency to be President when you vote, nothing that comes out now will matter much.

In November, it really will be the People vs. Hillary Clinton.

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