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Managing the message.

July 8, 2016

Most of us know better than to store flammable materials in close proximity to an open flame.

The current race-inspired skirmishes between blacks and whites, particularly concerning law enforcement vs. black citizens is a perfect example of what happens when you ignore or forget that rule.

Although it is politically incorrect to point it out, most well-run police departments and law-abiding members of the black community used to get along and work together to solve community problems.

Then came Ferguson.

No community is immune to the effects of  misuse of authority, whether it is systemic in city government or simply a vendetta by a few bad apples.

To the extent that Ferguson exposed serious community relations problems, it could have been a constructive moment.

We all know that it wasn’t, and the problem started with the racial polarization of the events by political figures from the President of the United States on down.

While Ferguson may have spawned a new catch phrase, Black Lives Matter, for some it was simply a new slogan for an old theme.

Even after the United States Department of Justice was forced to admit that the events of August 9, 2014 constituted what is popularly known as a good shoot, i.e. a shooting for sufficient cause of a citizen by a police officer, the incident became justification for attacks on law enforcement.

Fast forward almost 2 years to July 7, 2016.

A killer found in the worst aspects of the Black Lives Matter movement an excuse to make his own life matter, at least in his eyes.

And that’s what it was;  an excuse to act out on impulses the shooter already had fermenting in his own head.

It is more than ironic that the protestors, protected by Dallas police of all colors, were reportedly peacefully demonstrating against officer-involved shootings that happened many hundreds of miles away when the shooting started in Dallas.

City and police spokespersons attributed some clearly racist remarks to the shooter, among them that he wanted to kill white people in general and white cops in particular. Those were echoed and expanded upon by BLM sympathizers on social media.

And we wonder why police officers are a little bit on edge?

All the facts of this incident are not known at this point. We don’t know much about the planning by or the backgrounds of the criminals involved in this incident, so jumping to conclusions is an exercise in stupidity.

Making political hay out of this tragedy on the other hand is simply despicable.

As a percentage of the population these losers are statistically insignificant.

As a symptom of a rapidly devolving sociological situation being aided and abetted by people with better functioning vocal cords and thumbs than brains, the whole incident deserves a serious conversation that goes beyond race or gun control to the larger ideological cause and effect.

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