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Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

July 15, 2016

Sometimes you just can’t please anyone.

In the aftermath of what could be another barbaric terrorist attack in Nice, France, Donald Trump was asked by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly what he would do as president to get a handle on ISIS and the other jihadist groups.

Trump responded that among other things he would insist that NATO get involved under Article Five , and he would ask for a declaration of war from Congress.

Not ten minutes later, speaking on the same show, Geraldo Rivera, a contributor, was castigating Mr. Trump for not giving specifics.

Earlier the same day, Clinton and the Democrats were opining that Trump was so unstable and uninformed that he would plunge us into another war all by himself.

First, whatever either candidate says now, they couldn’t implement for another six full months.  It’s highly unlikely that the world situation is going to stay exactly the same for six months.

Second, it might be nice if we didn’t post our battle plans on Facebook or Twitter or the network news programs every time.

The way we’ve been doing it, ISIS and every other bad actor gets to save a lot of money on espionage.

So far, the people that said they wanted the GOP candidate to “act more presidential” have largely gotten their wish.

Trump has sought input from established political experts, generals and even just people attending his rallies. He seems to be listening and weighing those opinions against his own internal sense of the results he wants. He’s even shown the ability to speak in whole sentences.

Third, neither candidate is supposed to be allowed access to current security information until they are officially nominated by their party.

It’s kind of hard to be specific when you don’t know what’s already in the works.

Just because all this is news, doesn’t mean it’s newsworthy.

OK,  there’s an election going on, but maybe the media’s satellite peanut gallery could pipe down just a little bit in spite of that. Try just reporting for a while.

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