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How badly does the GOP want to win?

July 16, 2016

Apparently not badly enough.

The capital C Conservatives are seemingly willing to blow up the whole party, not to mention the election, to have their own way.

That could make them Mrs. Clinton’s best operatives.

Their motto seems to be ideology over all else. Call it a savior complex, if you will. They will save us from ourselves, and if you don’t like it, tough.

Never mind that they don’t even have a candidate, or that their unyielding ideological stance leaves no room for anyone who doesn’t accept their way as the path to political salvation.

Even when soundly rebuffed by their own party, the Trump haters have vowed to fight on.

Never mind that at least 70% of all Republicans are, if not eager, at least willing to vote for Donald Trump if it means they can wrest the White House from the Democrat’s control.

But after all, what does the majority matter?

Donald Trump is most assuredly not what passes for the cookie cutter Republican. In many ways, he’s the antithesis of all that the Grand OLD Party holds sacred.

He’s not Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln, and he is most definitely not Ronald Reagan.

There is nothing even remotely patrician about him, and horror of horrors, he will compromise (shudder) to reach a goal.

He might even go so far as to acknowledge your views by picking a conservative governor as vice-president.

But he is the guy that managed to beat the best the establishment Conservatives could muster to win the nomination.

This election is largely being driven by the voter’s realization that standing tall on principle alone just makes you a better target.

As for the Conservatives contention that Trump can’t win…a stray dog ought to be able to beat someone who has just been pronounced by one of the nation’s top cops as having been “extremely careless” with the nation’s most important secrets.

For some reason, it  seems to gall Conservatives that Mr. Trump says he wants to be everyone’s president. At no time has he ever said he wants only whites or only blacks or only women or only Christians or only any other one demographic to succeed.

It may come as a shock, but an awful lot of Americans don’t care how many times or where a president goes to church. In fact, they may not care whether he (or she) goes to church at all.

The Republican Party is evolving. That’s one of the basic laws of nature. Adapt, or go extinct.

Like it or not, if saving the country from a Clinton presidency is your goal, Trump is the guy.

If saving your principles is more important than your country, then by all means, continue to try to beat him.

Mrs. Clinton will be happy as a pig in s**t to let you deliver the White House to her.

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