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Cleveland at the midpoint.

July 20, 2016

For the most part, Cleveland has certainly been more interesting than Tampa 2012.

It might not attain rock concert levels of mindless hysteria, but all in all not bad, at least for political watchers.

On Tuesday, the campaign’s attack dogs, Giuliani and Christie, showed why they were left unleashed.

Admittedly, former New York mayor Giuliani teetered uncomfortably close to having a Howard Dean moment, but he never quite went over the edge.  Given both his and Governor Christie’s first-hand experience with the horrors of a terrorist attack, they can perhaps be forgiven for their passion.

Donald Trump Jr.’s speech drew high praise for his delivery as well as his ability to connect with the audience.

Predictably, the usual voices found something negative to say about it. Perhaps they think that muddling on about “plagiarism”  bears some resemblance to the severity of the charges made against Mrs. Clinton.

If that’s the best they can do, Trump Sr. is a shoo-in.

While it would be nice if someone on the Trump team introduced the family to plagiarism checkers,  take it from a writer; there are no unique ways to say anything. Somewhere, at some time, every word and phrase has been used verbatim by someone.

Tonight’s highly anticipated appearance of Ted Cruz should provide a few more interesting moments.

It’s hard to say if the campaign’s strategy of not reviewing the senator’s speech ahead of time will help or hurt the candidate or the convention.

That either shows great trust in the senator’s political instincts, or stunning naiveté.

Hopefully Senator Cruz is smart enough to know that his political future hangs on whether he has achieved enough maturity to  know when something is no longer just about him, a distinction he was unable to make during the campaign.

While no one expects him to develop a bromance with Trump, if he ever wants to be considered for the nation’s top job he needs to broaden his focus to support the will of his party and the people.

He may never be a friend, but he can ill-afford to remain an enemy.

Also of interest will be the rest of the midweek speakers. The theme tonight is “Making America First Again” and hopefully each will manage to weave the vision for that into their presentations.

While we all get that Mrs. Clinton is the opponent, it would be nice to get a little context for the bullet points.

So on we go. Given that there isn’t much else on the tube anyway, why not pop the corn, have a beer, pull up a couch and have a look?

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