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Interview with a Trump Millennial.

July 23, 2016

In 2012, Alex voted for the first time for a president. Asked how he felt about it he answered:

“Confused. I mean, you kinda knew that neither guy was telling the whole truth about anything.”

He went on to say that even at barely 19, he thought he tried to be an informed voter.  He listened to the speeches, read about both men and watched them on TV.

So how did he decide who to vote for?

“I ended up flipping a coin. No, really, I did.  I decided it would be heads for Obama and tails for Romney.  It came up heads and that’s how I voted.”

So what about this time?

“As of today, it would be Trump.”

What’s different?

“I think it’s because I’m older, I’m working and I know more about what I personally need from government. Also, I’ve gotten a little smarter about telling when they’re just reading from a script.”

OK, why Trump?

” I think Trump is more real. I like the way the Republicans keep trying to tell him how to talk and what he has to support, and he just ignores them if it isn’t what he wants to do.”

So it’s more his personality than his policies?

No.  But if you want to shake things up as much as he wants to do, you can’t be weak.

What most attracts you to his policies?

“That he wants to balance the budget, and make us able to protect ourselves again. I’m one of the people that has to figure out how to pay off the national debt, and all of this unnecessary spending we can’t afford has to stop. I’m a taxpayer and my share of it is over $150,000 (Actually, it’s over $161K). It’s my money now, and I want to cut up the government’s credit card.”

When you say unnecessary spending, what do you mean?

Oh, like spending millions of dollars to prove that if you eat too much candy and pop you’ll get fat. My grandma knew that and she only went to 10th grade.

But you’re still iffy, even post-convention. What’s the problem?

“I’m still not sure he can actually do what he says he can, because the political class on both sides hates him, and he’ll need Congress to go along with him.”

Would you vote for Hillary?

“Never. That woman oughta be in jail.”

Will you definitely vote though?

Not this time. I’m 99% sure I’m voting for Trump, but if that changes before November, I’d stay home.  I felt bad last time, like I’d done something wrong. Voting is important. The way I did it last time, that’s like throwing food away in front of somebody who’s starving.”

What could happen that would keep you at home?

“Look, I believe Mr. Trump when he says he wants to be everybody’s President.  President Obama wasn’t being truthful or sincere when he said that. I don’t expect that Mr. Trump will be able to do everything he says, but I at least want him to bust his ass trying. If I don’t think he’ll really do that, I’ll stay home.”

If you could, what would say to Mr. Trump?

Stick to the issues more. Let somebody else trash the Democrats and Mrs. Clinton.


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