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Philly 2016

July 25, 2016

Now it’s the Democrat’s turn.

You might say that Philly didn’t start out quite the way Democrats hoped it would.

Does that matter? Well, maybe.

With Monday’s kickoff of the Democratic nominating convention, the country normally gets to observe what the opposing party has in store for the country.

With the release of the leaked DNC internal communication emails, any possible semblance of the convention being all about Hillary’s vision for America is kind of out the window, PR-wise.

So is the much-vaunted “we love everybody” anti-bigotry Democratic Party message.

If Donald Trump’s maverick relationship with the RNC is testy, Mrs. Clinton’s relationship with her national party might bear out the popular perception that her relationship with the DNC borders on the incestuous.

It’s going to be a bit tougher for the party claim to be the high-minded, all-inclusive pure-of-thought, word and deed refuge for liberal idealists.

Add in the DNC’s new line that Trump and the Russians are in cahoots on the email hack, and this all starts to sound like a really, really bad parody of a spy novel.

Once you wade through the muck, the election is still about the country’s direction.

Somehow, a lot of people in this country seem to have the misbegotten idea that a president should represent them.  All of them. Christians, Jews, Muslims, and yes, even atheists.

Silly people. What were you thinking?

In terms of right track-wrong track polling, it’s probably not a good sign that even Republicans are forced to defend a full-blown, far left socialist in order to defend the idea that everyone has a right to have their say.

Still and all, isn’t that kind of what this whole election thing is supposed to be about?

It’s kind of ironic that Philadelphia, once the center of an upstart group of rebels that wanted to be free from kings and queens, should host the convention of a party that seems to have adopted the concept of the divine right of kings as its guiding succession planning principle.

That’s not even considering the issue of free speech.

Oh yeah, and there is that little matter of freedom to worship or not as you choose, but that’s really relatively minor, right?

The only group better represented in Philly than the Sanders supporters will be the press.

The ever-popular man-on-the-street interviews usually reflect the political leanings of the network employing the reporter.

This time it may somewhat easier to find contrarian people to interview than is usual at a DNC convention.

Maybe all this stuff is just window dressing. Still, at least this time reporters would be wise not to  fill in their article outlines ahead of the events.

After all, you don’t want to have a “Dewey Beats Truman” moment, do you?

Does this mean all the undecideds will now flock to Trump?

No.  Tomorrow we’ll look at why. It may not be what you think.

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