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Philly – Day Three

July 27, 2016

If nothing else, the 2016 election season can now rightfully claim to be the first to nominate a woman as the presidential candidate of a major mainstream political party.

Somehow that doesn’t really seem to be the major focus of the voters, but if it brings you joy, then savor the moment.

We are also now past the anticipation of another Bill Clinton speech.

The reaction of the media, particularly the liberal media, to his nostalgic look-back is a little odd. According to them his opening remarks were inappropriate, rude, sexist and a host of other really bad things.

First, credit him with trying to soften her image, to present her as a human being capable of loving and being loved.

Given that one of Mrs. Clinton’s real weak points is the popular perception that she is a coldly calculating political machine who makes every decision based on how it will further her personal ambition, maybe the speech proves that Bill still has good political instincts.

On the other hand, family endorsements aren’t that useful.  No one expects any less than glowing reviews by any candidate’s family.

This far from November, the only way any of this helps is if it can be expanded upon as a campaign narrative.

Even Bill Clinton has a hard time convincing anyone but the ultra-left voter that all of her instincts and decisions have been the right ones for the country.

Revisionist history gets stretched until it is a little threadbare when it tries to cover up the facts.

Democrats still own their historic wedge issues, i.e. race, poverty and class warfare, while presenting big government as the answer to all problems.

Maybe they are hoping that enough old people with first-hand knowledge of how that’s worked out are either dead or too senile to remember how we got to where we are today.

We should remember that being upbeat, loving and cheerful will solve all the world’s ills.

This from the party that cheerfully says we have a lot more to worry about from air conditioners than ISIS and crazy dictators with nuclear weapons.

We can turn off our air conditioners.

How do we turn off people, foreign and domestic, whose sole ambition in life is to destroy us by any means necessary?

Listen for that solution from today’s speakers and vet it against your own knowledge.

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