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The DNC A-Team

July 30, 2016

Sometimes writers see something and say “Wow! I wish I’d said that!”

When this response came through in reply to a request for impressions of the DNC convention from undecided voters, I had one of those moments.

“I think it had a lot of “A” moments, based on these observations of the party platform.

Asymmetric, because it only has a far left side.

Amoral, because there is no moral center other than what is good in the moment for the party.

Asexual, because the party does not recognize that there are any biological differences between the sexes except when it’s convenient”

It was signed “Former Democrat turned independent.”

That seems to be how a lot of undecided “traditional” Democrats and independents felt on Friday.

Some other comments:

“How did our party get so mean? When did our platform come to be about promoting hate?”

“Shades of the 1960’s. It had all the protest music, anti-war peaceniks, and love-in, drop-out messages I remember as a teenager.”

“Dated.  She’s old, the message is old and the solutions are old and ineffective.”

“Hypocritical. On the one hand they’re saying gender doesn’t matter, and on the other they’re saying vote for Hillary because she’s a woman.”

“Bad theater. Had nothing to do with fixing anything except the election.”

“As an upper-income Democrat I resent the message that making money is bad.  I support two different local charities and sponsor two scholarships. I can’t do that without money.

“Scary.  This party doesn’t have far to go to fit right in with Russia.”


” A bunch of elitist BS”

“This is not the party I’ve supported for 35 years. I’ll be staying home on Election Day”

“What’s the big deal?  If you didn’t like the message wait a day or two.  It will change.”

“As an active duty military person, I’m fighting to defend our freedoms and I’m not voting for people that want to take them away.”

If this election is going to be all about the independent and undecided voter, it doesn’t look like the DNC sealed the deal.

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