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Can Trump capture the peek-a-boo voter?

August 5, 2016

A candidate in a long-forgotten local race commented to an interviewer that his campaign was seeking to capture the peek-a-boo voter.

Asked to define that person, the candidate said that was the voter that is either so disinterested or so disenchanted that they pop their heads above ground for a few minutes, survey the candidate landscape and unless they see something worth a second look, retire to their burrow for another four years.

The Trump campaign has managed to move a lot of heads above ground and entice them out of their holes during the primary.

The trick is to keep them above ground.

Contrary to the popular meme, voters do understand that a large part of Mr. Trump’s appeal is due to his total unfamiliarity, or more likely, his utter disdain for normal campaigns.

What they don’t understand is why the man that wrote the book on deal-making doesn’t seem to understand how to close the deal.

Joe, a real estate salesman and a Trump supporter, put it this way:

“When I’m trying to get a buyer to purchase a property, I don’t run out and find 10 other competitor’s properties to show him. I make sure he stays focused on the property I’m selling.”

In other words, when the GOP candidate introduces any name other than Hillary Clinton’s into the conversation, he essentially shifts the public’s attention off the election and onto whoever he is sparring with at the moment.

Every moment that the public spends taking sides with a soldier’s parents, or the Speaker of the House, or anyone else other than Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, increases the chance that they will lose interest and duck back below ground.

Quoting Joe again:

“I wouldn’t have even answered the soldiers parents. They aren’t going to vote for him anyway. I would have said that if the country elects Mrs. Clinton they can expect to spend another four years watching their sons and daughters being sacrificed in wars Democrats have no intention of winning.”

A large percentage of the 13 million people that voted for Mr. Trump in the primary are peek-a-boo voters. They will gladly forgive almost any gaffe or shortcoming if they think Mr. Trump sees it and corrects it quickly.

The candidate’s continuing inability to stay focused on his opponent’s patently obvious flaws is something only he can fix.

His continuing unwillingness or inability to do that has them making sure the entrance to their burrow is still open.

One more time to Joe:

” I can forgive a mistake. I won’t forgive serial stupidity.”


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