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More words from the street.

August 10, 2016

With the presidential election rhetoric, real and manufactured, now playing on a continuous loop it’s time to check in again and see what real people think.

Although many people are simply not paying attention and may not until colder weather and school routines force them indoors, that’s not to say there is any shortage of opinions on the candidates and the race to date.

You know those blue collar dolts the elite press and politicians love to hate? (Or is it pretend to love?  It’s hard to tell the two apart.)

One great place to meet a cross section of them is a truck stop café.

Not surprisingly, all the esoteric policy stuff is pretty much a non-starter for most of them.

James, a delivery driver for a package delivery service, says he’s decided to vote for Trump. Asked why, he replied,

 “Anybody that can scare the pants off of both parties like this has to be better than what we’ve got. Leave it to Clinton and my boss won’t be able to jump over all the extra gas taxes and crap, and then I’m the one out of work.”

Mattie, 20, a part-time CNA going to school to earn a nursing degree, still isn’t sure but she knows she doesn’t like Hillary Clinton. Asked why  Mrs. Clinton’s free college platform doesn’t appeal to her, she laughed and said

 “Nothing’s ever free. That’s just a bunch of lies they tell you to get your vote. You may not pay in money now, but you will pay later.”

Morris is a small business owner with 19 employees. He asks this question.

“Look, if Trump is so awful, why didn’t Republicans put up someone better?  All the big money got behind Jeb Bush. It was largely his brother’s “everybody should own a home” policy that caused the recession. It was G.W. and the GOP that decided to nation build instead of just killing the bad guys and going home.

I’m voting for Trump because he isn’t a party hack. He wasn’t my first choice or even my second, but now he’s the only choice that might have a chance to fix anything. Voting for Hillary is just  wrong, especially when these people are supposed to be Republicans. I suppose those people that are against him think she’s going to appoint judges to uphold the Constitution they claim to care so much about? Give me a break!”

Conner is 24 and a recent college graduate who works at the truck stop while he looks for a “position in finance.” He believes that if the U.S. is ever to become a classless society, Hillary is the path to get there. He says,

“Nobody needs as much money as these greedy business owners have. It’s time they shared the wealth. (The peanut gallery reminded him that one of those greedy business owners pays his wages.)

Laurie is 46 and says that she’d like to see a woman as President “…but not THAT woman.” She’s not too sure that it matters who wins, but says she is hoping to hear something from Gary Johnson.

Tony, 35,  is backing Gary Johnson, although reluctantly. Asked why, he says

“Because he’s not a Democrat or a Republican, and some of the stuff he says about smaller government I like. I just don’t know if he can get anything done with the two main gangs still in power.”

Andrea  is Tony’s coworker, and she’s backing Trump. She said,

“You know, what Tony said about the two gangs is right. This is just two street gangs with nice suits and less ink. You can tell that because both sides went after Trump because he’s a threat to their turf.”

Marti, 64, was laid off at 60, took early retirement at 62 when she couldn’t find work but now works 12 hours a week in a gift shop to make ends meet. She added,

“Something’s wrong when you see your electric bill and your groceries and your insurance  go up 10-20% a year and they tell you there’s no need for a cost of living increase.  There’s something wrong when they can’t tell if Hillary’s email was hacked but they know in an hour who hacked the Democrats. There’s something wrong when they know where 1000 radicals are, but they can’t stop people being killed in Santa Barbara. They think we are all so stupid we can’t see how rotten Washington is, but we really aren’t that dumb. They’re worried that Trump will blow up Washington, but somebody has to stop what’s going on. So yeah, I’m voting for Mr. Trump.”

Laura, 28,  is the wife of a serviceman who has already been deployed once. Her reason for voting for Donald Trump is pretty simple.

“If my husband ever dies in uniform, I’d like it to be fighting for an America that still gives a damn about what kind of country it was supposed to be.”

And that’s this week’s word from street level.

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