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Can 200 Conservative politicians be wrong?

August 12, 2016

In case no one has noticed, the Conservative wing of the GOP is kind of upset about Donald Trump.

That apparently led some of them to petition the RNC to stop funding Mr. Trump’s campaign.

This being America, all of these people are entitled to their opinion, which is that Donald Trump is the anti-Christ of politics.

If Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul  and the other letter writers want to vote for Hillary Clinton in spite of her well-documented faults, failures and shortcomings, that is certainly their constitutionally-given right.

It is not their right to try to prevent anyone else from voting for him, nor to have him barred from competing.

In this particular presidential race,  the theme seems to be the establishment on both sides against the rest of the country.

The RNC is officially bound to financially support the nominee. The nominee is not any of the failed former candidates for the office or their crews.  It’s Donald Trump.

If the American voting public sees nothing else, it can see that there is something fundamentally wrong with a small group of people at the top arrogantly imposing their own values and moral judgments on the people at large.

If, as Mr. Trump says, this election and his candidacy is a movement about correcting that basic inequity then these letter writers have just validated that movement in a way that not even Hillary Clinton could accomplish.

Never mind all the tut-tutting about Mr. Trump’s choice of language. In the end, Trump supporters are voting against the status quo that has failed them for decades.

The U.S. Constitution does not say that only presidents approved by a quorum of self-described morally superior elites shall govern.

Perhaps it’s time for these 200 or so letter signers to dust off that document and read it again.

It still says “by the people.” The last time anyone took a count, the people numbered more than 200.

Perhaps Mr. Trump will lose the election.  If that happens, it should be because he lost it, not because he failed to conform to the standards of a small group of establishment drones.

Can 200 party-splitting Conservatives be wrong?

Yes, and there are a considerable number of people out there who would be happy to prove that in November.

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