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The race relations talk we should be having but aren’t.

August 24, 2016

Race is front and center in this election.  The meme is that Democrats are going to dole out massive amounts of money to achieve racial equality, while the mean old GOP nominee wants to deport or prosecute illegal immigrants.

In this highly charged atmosphere of them against us most of the discourse is the same old election year jawboning we’ve been listening to for five decades or more.

In the wake of the murders and attempted murders of police officers  and police shootings of purportedly innocent victims of racial oppression, there are the usual calls for disarming the public,  abolishing the police altogether, calls for the police to be more sensitive to the feelings of minorities and of course calls for another useless congressional study group.

If you dissect the arguments of the persons and groups calling for the dissolution of police forces nationwide, it generally comes down to “we don’t like rules, so screw you.”

If you talk to the other side of the equation, they note that the untold millions of dollars and the caring compassion of truly dedicated people has failed to change the outcomes, and the line becomes “you can’t help people that want handouts or revenge more than equality.”

Both sides have their selected video to prove their point. For every video showing a cop behaving badly, there is something showing that justice and equality is not what at least some minority members want.

For instance, there was the clip of the black man saying they were rioting because white people “…got all the money and they ain’t givin’ us none.”

Everyone is on script and hitting their marks flawlessly.

Just changing the responses to the issues might eventually form some new and better habits.

Since Congress wants to tie all this up under a neat little committee report, let’s try this.

One, if a police officer tells you to stop and surrender, do so.  Period.

Two, provide the police with better non-lethal tools to take down suspects at the first sign of resistance, but make it clear that flight or armed resistance makes the citizen responsible for any subsequent harm at the hands of the officer(s).

Three, make proven (as in a court of law, not public opinion)  police misconduct subject to automatic termination, enhanced sentencing and registration similar to the sex offenders registry, so they don’t just get hired by some other police department.

Four, improve the technology and use of body cameras.  A camera that falls off in a struggle is useless. Think about fiber optics, miniaturization or other less bulky and more reliable cameras.  Find a way to ensure that the camera comes on when needed. Check with the spook shops. You can bet the CIA or the FBI agents aren’t wearing a Go-Pro velcroed to their chests.

Do not admit bystander video into evidence unless it either captures the entire incident or is acknowledged to be simply a moment in time.

There’s your report.  And it didn’t take a congressional committee six months to figure it out.

None of this is going to stop every incident. Someone is always going to try to beat the system.

That leads us to the other part of the equation. Accepting responsibility for your own actions and showing respect for authority is a non-existent concept in some neighborhoods, and those neighborhoods aren’t all found in low income housing.

Stop excusing lawlessness on the grounds of some special condition. We can’t force people to get married,  or guarantee that they will raise their kids to be responsible citizens, but we can stop rewarding them for not even trying.

Stop protecting teenaged criminals.  If you can do the crime you need to be willing to take the heat. Lower the age at which a young offender’s identity is protected to 12. People have a right to know if they are living next to a serial offender of any age.

While liberals would seemingly love to do away with jails altogether, the practice of locking up everybody for everything isn’t working either. Find smarter solutions.

Stop throwing money away on programs that don’t work. What good is job training when there are  no jobs available? Use the dough to get rid of job-stifling regulations.

One of the truly smart things Donald Trump has said is that in his administration programs must prove their effectiveness to continue receiving funding.

Look at the total effect of social engineering. On one hand liberals cry crocodile tears about the lack of employment opportunities, while on the other their constant drumbeat pushing college degrees at any cost removes most people without a degree from the job market altogether. Really, should you have to have a bachelors degree to sell appliances or plants at Lowe’s for six months out of the year?

It is no accident that this election is more about class and racial warfare than governance.

Gallup calls the “…extraordinary role that Americans’ race and ethnicity play in determining how they view these two candidates,” the single most important defining characteristic of this campaign.

Maybe the defining characteristic of the campaign should be that this is the year we all quit falling for it.

After all, if you plop any ten brains on a dissection table, they are all the same color.

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