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The boxer and the brawler.

August 31, 2016

If there are indeed a serious number of undecided voters, about the only thing they still have to look forward to is the next debate.

Various media outlets are hyping the first Clinton vs. Trump debate in about the same way as they did Muhammad Ali and George Foreman before the famous 1974  “Rumble in the Jungle.”

Unlike the fight in Zaire, the audience will have a say in the decision in this contest.

While it does seem unlikely that the Clinton camp would lay all their strategies out on the table, the idea is clearly to present Mrs. Clinton as the master tactician.

The visual that comes to mind in the description of her strategy is “Criminal Minds” meets the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In fact, in a candidacy remarkably devoid of transparency, the Clinton debate strategy as “leaked” is the most transparent thing seen to date.

Those inclined to be less charitable might call it coldly calculating.

And Trump?

Well, the only sure thing in that corner  is that he will be Trump.

It isn’t that Mrs. Clinton doesn’t have a glass chin.

She has been caught in serial “misstatements” so often, it’s doubtful even she knows where fiction stops and truth begins.

Her core constituents don’t really care, as long as they get a share of the spoils of war.

Say what you will about her, she has staying power. However she’s done it, she has been at or near the pinnacle of American liberal politics for forty years. A cadre of very privileged people have an awful lot to lose if she goes down now.

In the opponents corner?

This most unorthodox contender imaginable just has a few million seconds who would love to see Mrs. Clinton find out the real meaning of dead broke.

With the weigh-in fast approaching, look for the hype to get even more hysterical than it is now.

In big fights, even the best strategy can be useless if you get popped by the right punch at the right time.

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