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Birth of a non-voter.

September 6, 2016

This election is being touted for engaging a lot of new voters, but what about the ones that it is driving away?

Perhaps you could call them political dropouts. They are the people that have simply given up on our political process.

One of those in danger of joining that group is Harry.

Harry will be 38 on Thanksgiving Day this year, and laughingly calls himself a Gen XYM voter.

Except that this year he may well drop “voter” from his identity.

Harry sees himself as a lukewarm Republican. He admits that this election revved up his interest as no presidential contest has for a long time.

Initially skeptical of Donald Trump, he says “the guy grew on me.”  In fact, he says his dream ticket would have been Trump-Fiorina.

He is certainly not going to be voting for anyone other than Mr. Trump, but even that is looking unlikely at this point.

So, why become a non-voter at this late stage?

The system. Look at what’s happened to Trump. First he’s an independent, gaming the system by buddying up to the Republicans. Then he tries to become a traditional Republican because the party controls the local political organizations and the checkbook. Now he’s trying to walk a tightrope by being who he really is at heart and giving in to the system”

So you think Trump sold out to the establishment?

No. He got swallowed by it. You know, if this election has done nothing else, it’s popped the lid on just how putrid and corrupt the system really is.

OK, but if he loses, how does that help fix the problems?

Yeah, there is that. I get exactly what you’re saying, but then what good does it do if he gets in and can’t do anything once he gets there?  It guarantees that the Democrats will win in 2020.

He could be a spectacular success, like Ronald Reagan.

You know, I’m too young to really remember Reagan from a political viewpoint, but I’ve read a lot about him and his presidency. Honestly, was he really all that great? Most of what people say about him now is just nostalgia, because he was a nice man and a patriot. Things didn’t really turn around economically that much. In fact, my dad lost his business in 1986, after four years of unbelievably high interest rates and inflation just shut off his cash flow. I sure remember that part of the Reagan years.”

 What initially attracted you to Trump?

First, I thought, and still think that he understands what it takes to grow the job market and the economy. Second, I liked his lack of reverence for the system.”

Well, he still has the same economic policies and he’s certainly no fan of the status quo, so…?

Again, it’s the system. Unless he goes in there and locks 90% of the Congress out, he’s unlikely to make enough changes fast enough to satisfy the public. And, no one really wants independence from government, even if they say they do.

Look at Clinton. He hits her with solid proof that her policies are just so much hot air meant to get her elected, and the best she can do is to say that she’s no worse than anybody else. And people agree with her and call her a caring person. It’s revolting.”

What you seem to be saying is that it’s the people that are to blame for the state of the nation.

“I guess it sounds that way, and maybe that is what I mean. But why are people like this? It’s because we have generation after generation of politicians controlling the people by controlling their economic conditions. Pretty soon, you have whole generations that are so afraid of losing all the government goodies that they can’t think for themselves anymore”

Are you going to watch the debates or the town hall thing[i] on Wednesday?

“Probably not. I watched all the primary debates. I know what these two stand for, so why waste all those hours out of my life?”

Last question. Will you vote or not?

“If it was today, I’d say no. Could I give in before November? I’d give you a lukewarm maybe on that one.”

[i] The NBC News/MSNBC Commander-in-Chief Forum is scheduled for 8:00 p.m. ET on September 7, on NBC. (Source:

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