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Debate Preview?

September 8, 2016

It’s getting to that time of year when networks preview the fall show lineups. Let’s start with, oh, you know, the presidential election.

Reviewed: Title: Commander-in-Chief Forum.  Network:  NBC.   Cast: Matt Lauer, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

Category:  News? Oops, no. Sit-com? No, not entertaining or funny.  Educational? Puh-leeze. Drama? Uh, no. Special programming?  Nope,  nothing special about this one.

Oh well, move on to the good part.

Verdict:  Cancelled

And that kind of sums up the whole “forum.” In fact, some local affiliates didn’t even bother to show it.  Either that, or my DVR has grown a rogue “ignore drivel” button, forcing me to watch it online in real time.

A pox upon you, you dastardly machine!

That’s OK, though.  If you were hoping to learn something new about any of the three main characters, you missed absolutely nothing.

In fact the most newsworthy part of the whole rigamarole was Elijah Cummings releasing some Clinton emails just before the event to prove that Hillary did indeed do nothing any different from her predecessor, Colin Powell.

OK, that at least proves that there was precedent for her decision to make sure that most of what she did as Secretary of State was designed to be immune from FOIA requests, i.e. hidden from the public.

And you thought there was supposed to be at least some transparency in government?  Silly you.

The disturbing part of all that non-transparency is how easy it would be to tap or dump a phone or hypothetically of course, sell out your country.

Then there was what could turn out to be Hillary’s “read my lips” moment, should she be elected.

Specifically when she said there would “never, ever” be U.S. forces engaged in Syria or Iraq again.

Didn’t her hubby teach her about the dangers of ever saying “never?”

For his part, Donald Trump is being taken apart piece by piece by CBS, NBC, ABC, and, well you know the usual actors.

Their gripe?  He didn’t say anything new and he wasn’t specific enough.

Given that he has already pretty clearly defined his position, whatever it might be on all the issues discussed, about all he had to accomplish was to not tick off his base, and for the most part he did that. He did have a few good moments, but as usual, sometimes his delivery leaves a lot to be desired.

For some reason, no one seems to get the irony of Russia’s Putin being a stronger leader IN TERMS OF FOLLOWING THROUGH  ON HIS WORD than President Obama.

If you choose to read into that the possibility that Trump is Putin’s hand-picked candidate, that’s between you and your particular view of the world.

On balance, he still came out looking more authentic to his character than did Mrs. Clinton.

No one else fell out character either.

Mr. Lauer’s character  was just about what you could have expected, the loyal liberal mouthpiece.

OK, not many had really high hopes that any new or illuminating insight would come out of this “forum.”

At least on that front, the event didn’t disappoint.

But one thing’s for sure. Before programming the DVR, next time I’ll call to see if anyone still gives a damn.

Hopefully, there are some of us who still think a presidential election is kind of a big deal.

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