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Can a nation sue for slander?

September 10, 2016

OK all of you voters out there.  If you dare to question the ability or motivations of Hillary Clinton, half of you are all going to fry in hell for being racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist ne’er do-wells all residing in Hillary’s “basket of deplorables.”

How do I know? Because Bill Clinton says so.

Yes, that Bill Clinton. The one who says Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan is racist.

What he should be complaining about is copyright infringement, since the former president and Arkansas governor used the phrase liberally in the past.

As an expert on Southern double entendre, perhaps President Clinton can also translate this phrase.

Bless his little heart.

All colloquialism instruction aside, are voters getting tired of being the bad guys in the Clinton campaign?

Aren’t elections supposed to be about, ahem, the candidates?

Granted, while this election might leave a lot on the table when it comes to the quality of the race, it sure doesn’t absolve the contestants from the truth.

Obfuscating and diverting attention when faced with a campaign negative isn’t new. In fact it’s a tried and true strategy.

If it is your only strategy, you might be in trouble.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can obscure Mrs. Clinton’s deficiencies.

Not her sycophants, not the Obama Justice Department, not even that august body of impartial law enforcement, the FBI.

The lady is a political train wreck.

She may well be a nice person to her friends and wanna-be friends, but that’s not one of the criteria for being the President of the United States.

And it fails the test of credulity for that to be the fault of the voters who aren’t in love with her campaign.

She may well have a good shot at securing the nation’s highest office.

With her prejudgment of half  of the American population as being beneath her contempt, one sure has to hope she misses the mark.

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  1. “Aren’t elections supposed to be about, ahem, the candidates?”

    No. In fact it’s a real shame THIS election only seems to be about the candidates. Elections are supposed to be about ALL THE ISSUES, not just the character or temperament of the candidates. We voters should be able to discuss the pros and cons of each candidate’s proposed solutions to our problems, and THAT should be what the election is primarily about. But you have to start out with fully qualified people as a given, and the parties didn’t nominate on that basis this time. The Democrats relied on the “seniority system”, and the GOP grabbed the nearest shiny object. So we only get a “least worst” choice this election year.

  2. The best any candidate can do, even the truly sincere and principled ones (if there are any) is to present a place for us to line up. We’ve got what we’ve got, and this time atound it seems to be a case of picking which one is the least vested in serving only their own interests and which one might accidentally serve us. Tough choice, for sure. ..

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