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Of story boards and marketing strategies

September 14, 2016

Tired of political snark? Ready to abandon the 2016 election altogether?

Here’s a wonderful idea for the next blockbuster movie.

Think of it as “Christine” and “Zoo” and “Person of Interest” and Star Wars® all combined.

The plot:

Sometime in the late 21st century, maybe  40 or 50 years from now, a malevolent foreign power finds a way to hack into all driverless vehicles, which by that time is just about any mode of transportation.

The hero is a world leader on a global jaunt to achieve complete world disarmament.

This doesn’t sit well with the villain, who has no intentions of giving up nuclear and conventional weapons, much less the cyber warfare program.

As the hero straps into his solar-powered pilotless jet, a split screen shows the bad guys taking over the controls.

Cue appropriate diabolical laughter.

Enter the heroine, a nerdy, deliberately unattractive cybersecurity countermeasures expert whose killer body is carefully (almost) concealed by a shapeless jumpsuit.

Just by accident, she notices the hack. OMG. Now she has to rescue the hero and save the world.

The twist?  The bad guy is really an artificial intelligence originally created by a consortium of technology-based social entrepreneurs in the late 20th century.  It only lives in the cloud. No humans or earthly geography required.

OK, it’s the same old good-guy, bad-guy, sex-sells, sci-fi plot as always.

In fact it’s so obvious that it’s probably already in production somewhere.

But think of all the wonderful new gadgets that the tech companies could preview here, not to mention the propaganda opportunities.

That’s kind of where some minds go when the conversation turns to driverless cars and DNC hacks.

Or, maybe when looking at new cars.

What if you are the only one driving the car and you don’t need all that gadgetry?

Just try asking a salesperson if there are any extraneous technology-free cars to be had.

The person will  look at you with some mixture of pity and astonishment and say something along the lines of this:

“Well, no.  But why wouldn’t you want this wonderful rolling technology platform?  You can watch movies, check to see if your garage is locked, plan the most fuel and time efficient route to work,  turn down your home thermostat, etc. etc. etc.”

Uh, maybe because I still have to drive the darn thing. These cars don’t do a heck of a lot to prevent distracted driving. Just buying one should be a violation of innumerable traffic safety laws.

Not to worry.  Alphabet/Google, Tesla, Ford and Uber have that all taken care of or will have shortly.

Making money is all about creating new markets. With the market for computers and smart phones becoming moribund as more people own them, where’s the next frontier?

If you haven’t figured that out yet, perhaps you’d like to wait for the above described blockbuster.

There are some great sub-plots that will explain it to you and heck, you can stream it to your car.

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