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Bringing people together?

September 16, 2016

If the 2016 election is remembered for anything, it will be for being the most divisive election in modern history.

Batteries apparently recharged, Hillary Clinton proved that a little thing like pneumonia hasn’t changed her theme one iota.

The Hill reported that during an appearance on a morning show Thursday, Mrs. Clinton picked up right where she left off on the “deplorable” theme.

Let’s see. People that don’t support the progressive agenda are racist, bigoted, xenophobic, blah, blah, bah.

Way to go about uniting the country, Mrs. Clinton.

The progressive/socialist  leaning new Democratic Party has been doing a pretty good job of uniting the country, but it’s been under the flag of victimhood.

The Democratic mantra is that at least half the people in the country are victims.

Name a demographic and it’s being oppressed, at least in the world according to Hillary.

Women?  They are at the mercy of all those sexist men.

Persons of color? They are being enslaved and murdered by all those rich old white men and their pet cops.

Poor?  It’s because all those rich people won’t give you their money.

Uneducated?  It’s because $12,000 a year isn’t enough to educate a child.

Drowning in student debt?  It’s because someone conned poor little trusting you into signing up for loans you couldn’t afford.

If you don’t believe all that you are definitely deplorable.

Sorry ma’am, but that’s not very “uniting.”

Listening to Mrs. Clinton and her surrogates, you sometimes get the impression that her solution to the country’s problems is to rid the country of  a certain demographic.

That’s not to say that Donald Trump hasn’t contributed to the cloud of sewer gas hanging over the campaign.  He has a disconcerting habit of popping off with some generalization that winds up having about the same effect as Mrs. Clinton’s “deplorables” statement.

Even people who say they support him and will vote for him wish that he would focus on the issues and stop already with the personality war unless it directly relates to the subject at hand.

While some things just become personal by virtue of them being tied directly to his opponent’s track record, Trump seems to do much better in the polls when he sticks to talking about applying common sense solutions to problems.

Since he seems to be the only one with any ideas that might benefit everyone, that’s understandable.

With early voting already underway in some states, the country is a long way from  being united.

If past performance is any indicator of future results, that’s unlikely to change before Election Day.

Afterwards?  Let’s hope so.

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