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Advantage Trump?

September 17, 2016

This election is like watching a tennis match, or maybe a spy movie. The action is almost more  interesting than the candidates.

You have to admire good tradecraft, and when social media is all a-twitter with lots of free buzz for Donald Trump, it’s worth an admiring glance.

It’s interesting as hell watching the Clinton campaign distance itself from the assertion that the 2008 failed Clinton campaign either originated or at least recycled the idea that President Obama was not a U.S. citizen.

As I remembered the stories at the time, no specific Democrat was ever identified as the single starting source, but there were reports that an anonymous group of Clinton backers had started an email thread about the story.

Digging back through some of the stories turned up this article from Politico from April 24, 2011.

The Phil Berg mentioned in the story is a former chairman of the Democratic Party in an area just outside Philadelphia, and a life member of the NAACP.  He is remembered for having filed a “birther” lawsuit on August 21, 2008, which was later dismissed. This was just one of many efforts to prohibit the President from running for the office at that time.

Mr. Berg’s CV doesn’t suggest that he was ever an influential member of the 2008 Clinton campaign staff.

As is true about a lot of things relative to the Clinton’s, it may be technically true that no close member of her 2008 campaign staff actually started or promoted the “birther” theory.

Still, making the repeated assertion that no one on the Democratic side had anything to do with questioning the President’s origins is substantially untrue.

In fact, there is probably no opposition political party or group out there that didn’t have someone with ties to the “birther” controversy during the 2008 campaign.

What’s so interesting about this whole collage is that it once again attempts to deflect scrutiny of Mrs. Clinton’s record by using the “Waah, he did it too.” (a.k.a the shiny object) strategy.

And of course he did do it too, but Donald Trump’s involvement in the birther controversy came very late in the game, and he has just said he accepts the evidence to put the whole issue to bed.

All of that is moot at this point anyway, since the subject of the flap is the retiring 44th President of the United States, giving the whole thing kind of a WTH feeling.

Every time that the Clinton campaign tries to derail the Trump campaign, it seems to only bring up chances for people to go back and fact check her as well as Mr. Trump.

For obvious reasons, that usually doesn’t turn out well for her. Go figure.

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