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Sometimes, life happens.

September 19, 2016

There was no shortage of headlines this past week.

From Hillary’s collapse, to another terrorist-related incident of butchery in the heartland, to NYC targeted again by one or more bombers, to the President demanding that his black constituents vote as a bloc or risk incurring his wrath, there was something for everybody.

Oh yeah, and there’s still this election thing as well.

Presumably, most of us can read and thus get about 300 million points of view on any of those things.

Cumulatively, the past week seems to have hardened some people’s opinions and made converts of others.

Prior to this weekend in particular, supposedly about 13% of the voters were still undecided.

After this week, that number may have dropped by a substantial amount if anecdotal commentary is any yardstick.

On HRC, one lady commented “I think maybe she’s been in harness too long. It’s beginning to feel like her party is just hoping she can survive long enough for them to keep the White House.”

A voter who just battled pneumonia for over a month noted that if she does in fact have pneumonia, putting her back on the campaign trail so soon was either cruel if it was her handlers idea, or foolhardy if it was hers.

Another undecided voter said that after listening to President Obama’s address to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, he was now positive he would not vote for the former First Lady.

The various terrorism-related incidents served only to prove to many the theory that the government hasn’t got a clue about how to control terrorism.

As one person said, “I don’t think this government even wants to protect us. Every time something like this happens you’ve got all those liberals worried about “innocent immigrants”  being targeted by racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic hate groups. Apparently the regular citizens are expendable.”

Another, responding to claims by Mrs. Clinton that these terrorist incidents were Donald Trump’s fault,  noted that Donald Trump hasn’t been running the country for the last eight years.

A former service member and teacher asked why the mall attacker’s family commented through an interpreter. “What, fifteen years isn’t long enough to learn to speak English? How come we don’t demand that these immigrants or refugees or whatever they are have to pass an extensive English proficiency test at even a third grade level after three years or so to stay here?”

In short, nothing that seems to have happened in the past week has convinced the undecideds that another four years of the Obama agenda is the right thing for the country.

That doesn’t mean they’ve all become Trump converts. Some said they will vote for the GOP candidate, feeling that however artless he might be, he is a better choice than nothing at all, “…and at least he cares about America.”

Many say they’ll cast a protest vote for one of the third party candidates.

Others say they’ll stay home, because voting for “none of the above”  is just a waste of their time.

Yes, it’s true. In the middle of a carefully scripted election, sometimes life happens.

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