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Are protests being used to cover organized criminal activity?

September 21, 2016

Once again, we have another officer-involved shooting and another smash-and-grab riot.

A timeline provided by the Charolotte Observer shows a now all-too-familiar pattern.

A protest, swiftly organized on social media and fed by its inevitable rumor mill but described even by police as initially peaceful begins in the early evening, within well less than two hours of the shooting.

As darkness falls, and within four hours of the incident, the crowd turns violent, injuring multiple police officers and then moving to block Interstate 85 a couple of hours or so later.

Video shows that the whole incident then turns into an excuse to destroy private property, commit acts of arson, attack cars and loot tractor-trailers and a Wal-Mart  that had no involvement whatsoever in the initial incident.

That last part is what causes one to wonder.

It seems that many times there are reports that protests don’t escalate into riots until the arrival of the ubiquitous “outside protestors or agitators.”

Most times it seems to take these outsiders a few hours to get involved, leading one to ask where they had been denned up beforehand and who had to give the order to get them on the move.

This obviously traces back to Ferguson in the recent past, but it has been an ongoing profile of many racially motivated clashes since the late 1960’s.

In the aftermath, you always have citizens trying to clean up the mess, and local business owners who seem to bear the brunt of the damage.

How is that creating any climate of justice?

To the contrary, it is only hardening the view that what we have going on here is an undeclared race war.

In truth, what we may have is an outbreak of organized criminal activity.

Who has a more vested interest in rendering police departments impotent than professional criminals?

Whether this shooting turns out to be justified or not, the black community, or at least that part of it that gets their face on TV the most, never finds fault with the person shot.

Make no mistake, some of these officer-involved shootings are impossible not to call acts of incredibly bad judgment at best and outright crimes at worst.

That gives cover for another modern development.

Today the black person shot is always innocent and the police are always guilty in the court of social media.

Where are these protestors when a white person is shot by a cop? Where are they when a little child is killed in a crossfire over a gang beef?

Nowhere, that’s where.

Why?  Because there’s no profit motive.

Every officer-involved shooting is investigated. If it has the slightest racial connection, it almost automatically escalates to include a Federal investigation.

That’s as it should be. The last thing any community needs is a person with a badge and a gun who can’t use good judgment or who has an agenda.

The problem today is that every investigation is just an excuse for more protests, and more protests give cover for more outsiders to advocate for more looting and violence.

If the shooting is found to be justified, as it was in Ferguson, it doesn’t matter. Protest that too, and destroy and loot some more property.

That’s just too obvious to be a coincidence.

It’s way past time the Feds started looking at that angle too.

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