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How bad does it have to smell?

September 23, 2016

Ever open the fridge door and your nose tells you something’s been in there too long?

This election has had that olfactory clue for quite some time now, with most of it wafting from the Democrat and by extension, the Clinton side of things.

Seldom a week goes by without some little hint that there is decomposition going on not very far under the surface that would stink to high heaven if it ever reached room temperature, as shown in these five examples (feel free to add to the list with your favorites):

  1. Just in the recent past we have an FBI investigation that proved without much doubt that Mrs. Clinton had a hand in circumventing the normal protocols for national security, and yet she got a pass.
  2. Governors are restoring voting rights to convicted felons at an unprecedented rate.
  3. Questions surround the real state of the Democratic candidate’s health.
  4. As noted here Tuesday, hundreds if not thousands of illegal immigrants were accidentally granted citizenship instead of being deported, supposedly due to broken recordkeeping systems.
  5. And now we have a breaking story suggesting that taxpayer money is being used to pay USCIS employees overtime for granting citizenship to as many people as possible “due to the election year.”

Should that breaking news prove credible (and it’s likely that it will, given that the source, Senator Ron Johnson, is willing to be named in the piece) and you have to wonder just how many boxes of baking soda it will take to absorb the smell this time.

Understand, it isn’t illegal to pay employees overtime to reduce a backlog in the production line.  For the people getting processed in jig time, it’s probably a blessing, no matter how they vote.

In fact, none of the above examples are illegal on the face of them.

Well, unless you count the laws that say government personnel and agencies aren’t supposed to be used to influence the results of an election or act as agents for the benefit of a particular political party or person, when the employees are acting in their official capacity.

That’s a violation of the Hatch Act, as amended in 1993. In fact the Number One no-no of that Act reads as follows: “May not use their official authority or influence to interfere with an election.”

But what the heck, since when did the law ever limit the activities of the lawless? Like locks, laws just keep honest people honest.

We know so much about how the Clintons have operated in the past that this really isn’t even news to many people.

For those few people who still had absolute faith in the system, this has to have been a disturbing two years.

For the rest, the only thing surprising is how little the Clintons have been able to do to stop the flow of bad press.

It isn’t even clear that voters will connect all the dots or that at this point, it will matter to them even if they do.

But it should matter.  It really, really should matter.

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