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Cheat sheet for debate viewers

September 26, 2016

Hillary’s script

On Trump.  He’s a rich white racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic nut job who never built a business in his life, because governments, not people, build businesses.

On Women.  Give them the benefits of monetary and political equality while shielding them from having to perform equally by invoking misogyny if someone brings that up.

On rich people. Their fair share is everything they have (unless they’re using their wealth to support me.)

On foreign policy.  Look at donor lists. Nuke the ones who aren’t ponying up, and protect the ones who are.

On immigration.  So we lose a few citizens.  As long as they are mostly rich and/or white, what does it really matter?

On race.  America is a nation controlled by racists, unless of course you are a Clinton supporter.

On the environment.  As long as we kill coal,  what does it matter if no one can afford electricity?

On the emails.  Emails?  What emails? I just don’t remember any emails.

On her health.  She’s fine. Just ask her privately owned doctor.

Donald’s script.

Who knows?  That’s why people will watch.

Well, that and because it will be the only thing on the tube for the next 72 hours.



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