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Red Zone Fumble?

September 30, 2016

The ball is on the 20-yard line, it’s third down, 2 minutes 30 to play  and the score is 23-21 for the home team. The visiting team’s quarterback takes the snap and…

Fumbles the ball.

At that point it doesn’t matter why he fumbled, only that he did.

Donald Trump came out of Monday’s debate looking at lining up on the 20-yard line on third down.

He didn’t have a stellar debate, but partisan punditry aside, he did make the second down yardage he needed.

Sure, the people that already weren’t going to vote for him didn’t become converts, but his supporters remained loyal and the fence-sitters pretty much still had one leg on each side of the barrier.

The next debate is going to be a town hall format, which plays to his strengths. It’s his third down.

So what does he do during the time out?

Dips his fingers in Vaseline® before he tries to handle the snap.

Or to be more accurate, he takes to Twitter to whine about everything from the moderator to the negative press coming from “unnamed sources.”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, indeed.

It’s way too late in the game to make that kind of unforced error.

It’s been an ongoing observation even from his supporters that he doesn’t seem to know how to respond to personal attacks in a way that improves  his image.

Sure, no one likes to be attacked personally, and everyone’s first instinct when somebody pours crap on them is to scrape up the runoff and throw it back at them.

Unfortunately that’s not an option in a presidential election.

What’s so frustrating about Trump’s campaign is that it’s patently obvious to everyone why the Clinton camp goes after him on issues totally unrelated to policy.

It’s because they can’t, in fact don’t dare, try to defend Mrs. Clinton’s judgment, effectiveness or ethics since 2009.

She keeps bringing up the past of 20 or 30 years ago because she doesn’t dare allow people to closely examine her much more recent past.

All he had to do was keep relentlessly forcing her back to defend her actions over the past eight years, and her campaign would have collapsed like a tissue paper sail in a rain shower.

That isn’t going to happen now. It’s coming up on fourth and goal and the running game is no longer an option.

His core supporters are still with him, but if she loses now, it will be due to people voting against four more years of anti-American, pro-socialist government.

Last impressions are important just before people go to the polls. He could still recover the ball by focusing solely on the political issues at hand.

If there’s a Hail Mary play diagrammed in the two minute drill, that looks like the only one available. Hopefully he’s gotten that far in learning the playbook.

If not, the refs might win this one.

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  1. Loved the sports talk framing. I don’t have a “sports gene” myself, so it was like reading a book in a foreign language. Very exotic.

  2. Hey, glad to provide a bright spot. Funny thing is, while I love the game I never watch it anymore. Too many overpaid politicians on the field.

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