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Election or Emmy-nominated entertainment?

October 4, 2016

What a bad damn time for the power to go out.  I missed the Assange  “mega-dump moment.”

Oh wait.  No I didn’t, because there was no mega-dump moment.

Judging from social media, that non-event went over about as well as a pole vaulting pregnant elephant.

The only thing missing was calls for refunds of the ticket price.

C’mon people.  It’s Julian Assange. What did you expect?

In a larger sense the vituperative outrage is a reflection of this whole campaign.

The reason polling doesn’t seem to track with social media is because most of the audience only watches for the entertainment value.

More serious election watchers have noted that although much is being made of what they call Trump’s  blue collar, male, mostly white, under-educated fan club, those people don’t seem to be registering to vote.

Likewise, Hillary Clinton, in spite of her much vaunted organization, is also having trouble getting the various demographic groups she is courting to the registration line.

There is a good chance that actual voter turnout will not be any more spectacular than the  Assange non-announcement.

Given the enthusiasm that surrounded the primary season, that’s a shame.

Both candidates have noted that the enthusiasm was largely driven by a national desire for change.

With Bernie Sanders out of the race and Donald Trump suffering from potentially terminal thumb-in-mouth disease, change is about the last thing anyone expects at this point.

Serious voters don’t need Julian Assange to know that this will go down as one of the most corrupt elections in history.

There is so much dirt already available on Hillary Clinton that anything Assange had to say would only confirm the sense of helplessness that drove people to Sanders and Trump.

Trump at least is still in there swinging, but with all the focus of a blindfolded six-year old at a piñata party.

Oh well.  Maybe the contest will be nominated for an Emmy.

Maybe for best fictional series?

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