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This ain’t progress.

October 6, 2016

Google “no whites allowed.”

Go ahead, this post will still be here when you get back.

Was there more than one result returned?

This isn’t exactly new…five decades ago it was used in one form or another as a way to educate people about how it felt to be excluded just based on skin color.

One very popular school exercise was to assign grade schoolers different colored arm bands or tee shirts, and then have the two sides take turns playing racist.

Remember, racism and segregation weren’t in the stream of national consciousness then. Even when you did hear about it, it was often portrayed as something that only took place in the Deep South.

One social experiment that made the news was when a teacher divided her class that way, and then gave the “red” side 3″ x 3 ” squares of a sheet cake, and the “blue ” side tiny little slivers of cake with all the frosting scraped off.

Then, it was meant to be a teaching moment to explain discrimination, and by and large, it was effective in awakening empathy.

Somehow, it doesn’t feel that way this time around.

Today, there is a different vibe. There’s a mean side to this.

For one thing, this time  there is a feeling not of learning or teaching empathy, but of two sides lining up in battle formation.

Given the enormous amount of time, money, and yes, blood that has been squandered in the name of achieving equality, that isn’t a hard thing to understand.

The danger with this modern movement  is that both sides have simply grown tired of what one side sees as broken promises and the other side sees as just another shakedown.

An awful lot of people would be more than happy to divide the country along racial  lines again, and they sure aren’t all Caucasian.

Pavlov would love this.

Every time some politician like Hillary Clinton rings the bell and hauls out another tired old slogan to rally a voter base, it’s a reminder that equality and respect can’t be legislated and it can’t be bought either.

When a much-beloved athlete like Jerry Rice has to apologize for saying that All Lives Matter, it’s damn well time for a change.

Mr. Rice, you had it right the first time.

You can be against injustice, but if you are, it has to apply across the board and the injustice isn’t any better just because it’s redirected against your enemies.

It would be great of all of this was going to end on November 8.

Trouble is, that won’t be the end. Indeed it could well be just the beginning of another potentially very ugly chapter in our history.

Hooray for history. Not.

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