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Hold the hearse.

October 10, 2016

If there is one constant in this election year it is that there is nothing safe about saying never.

Post-debate #1, the general tone was “OK, no more debate watching. There’s nothing new, so please don’t call us, we’ll call you”

And then there was Friday, and they called.

After all the refuse was dumped on the Friday before a Federal holiday, no one was really concerned  about the actual debate. Although the excuse to gather was the election,  it was almost irrelevant.

The general consensus pre-debate was that Trump’s candidacy was dead.

If there’s one absolute rule all doctors follow,  it’s that you don’t call the time of death while the patient is still breathing.

Trump’s performance last night is why his supporters get so frustrated with him. The guy’s got the tools if he just wasn’t too damn stubborn to use them.

Depending on what letter you have after your name, he either knocked it out of the park or he lived to fight another day.

This was definitely not Hillary’s finest debate. At best it received a “C”. That didn’t stack up against what was probably a B+ for Trump.

If he had pivoted just a little earlier to the issues, it could have been a solid A, but given the hurdle he had to clear, it wasn’t bad at all.

One thing that was lacking wasn’t his fault.

Where were all the viewer questions? A town hall is supposed to be about the town.

The one take-away out of the whole night is that when confronted solely on the issues, Mrs. Clinton just can’t keep up.

Forgive me, but I’ll use the line that must have briefly flitted through Trump’s mind.

Mrs. Clinton, you are no Abraham Lincoln.

To most Americans, being lied to continually and deliberately is not OK, particularly when it is done for your own personal gain.

At some point her supporters have to be asking themselves just which one or more of all these grab-bag goodies she’s promising is she lying about now?

The one thing that seems to unite Trump’s base is that they are tired of not being able to trust the person in charge to tell the truth, particularly when the truth serves us better than the lie.

It’s a pretty sure bet, given that NBC has already made the threat,  that there will be more sensationalized trash like the leaked audiotapes, and they will certainly  influence the prim and proper members of the electorate.

Given that in this day and age NBC stands for “Nobody Buys Chastity,” that’s not even a question, but a certainty.

And you can bet that given the arrogance of the effete Washington elites, there are more emails that prove Mrs. Clinton to be the opportunistic, ambitious politician we all know she is and has always  been.

These are people who truly believe that they were born to rule the great unwashed masses, and that isn’t going to change either. It’s in their DNA.

In the middle of all that stands Mr. Trump, and yes, he is still standing.

It remains to be seen if he can keep his feet out of his mouth and his thumbs in his pocket for another 29 days.

As of 11 P.M Eastern last night the score was 1-1 with the rubber match yet to be played.

Whatever happens between now and then, it would be better for the environment to turn off the key on the hearse.

There will be time enough to call for it 29 days from today.

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