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Did you vote?

October 26, 2016

Apparently, the U.S. has had the election. Did you miss it?

According to the calendar you’ve still got 13 days, but then who believes in that old technology anyway?

With just about every liberal media outlet now publishing or airing things along the lines of  “Republicans Got Trump Because the Crazies Took Over Their Party”, it seems that they believe they’ve  won the race.

Maybe that’s true, and then again, maybe it’s more along the lines of “fake it ’til you make it.”

And maybe that’s why the Media Research Center reports that 91% of all paid media coverage of Trump has been negative.

The condescension fairly drips off the pages and out of the various large and small screens when the Sunday talking head shows trot out their guests of the week.

The message is clear.  The unwashed, uneducated Trump base just doesn’t need or even deserve to vote. The message seems to be “Just stay home, all you smelly illiterate deplorables, and let your betters do your thinking for you.”

As for the GOP, it still can’t figure out how a billionaire has become the voice for the voiceless.

Would it be nicer if Republicans had come up with a candidate with Trump’s brash honesty and pragmatic world view  cloaked in the most refined political gobbledy-gook and equipped with a self-censor button?

Sure it would. The trouble is that the GOP doesn’t have anyone like that. The closest they came was Marco Rubio, and they were as quick to step on his campaign with their “it’s not his turn” rhetoric as they have been to oppose Trump.

Mr. Trump is certainly no angel.

It doesn’t matter how much you like Trump, no one with a shred of honesty can say he isn’t “X” rated at times, and he has the political manners of a wolverine protecting a kill.

Strangely, the person who has best typified how voters should react to the question of the personality of a candidate is Oprah Winfrey.

Ms. Winfrey was actually speaking about Hillary Clinton, when she said that people who say they “just don’t like her (Clinton)” should note that Ms. Clinton wasn’t going to be coming to their houses for dinner. In short, they don’t need to like her to vote for her.

The same can be said for Trump. He isn’t going to be the best man at your son’s wedding.

All along, it has been amazing that the “proper” GOP movers and shakers haven’t been able to see that the only shot they had to break the Democrats stranglehold on American politics was to use Mr. Trump as a stepping stone into the White House.

It might be fairly argued that had they been that pragmatic and far-sighted and actually gotten behind Trump earlier, he may not have become so pugnacious and defensive.

After all, if no one else is defending you, you’d be a damn fool not to defend yourself. His supporters see that, even if the Paul Ryans and Mitch McConnells of the party can’t.

Perhaps in this new, selfie-inspired egocentric world of “me” that’s too much common sense to expect.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are doing their usual good job of creating a world that fits their narrative.

In a strategy that can only be compared to a mass hypnotic event, Clinton’s sycophants and handlers alike will keep up the narrative that any change from an Obama-Clinton utopian world vision will initiate doomsday.

If that includes a return to a more balanced America, a lot of people are OK with that.

Even people who privately describe Donald Trump in less-than-flattering terms are willing to vote for him for one reason.

They feel that even if Hillary’s health issues (and a number of voters do see her frequent multi-day campaign absences as more health than strategy related) do allow her to finish out her first term, she will be pushed so far left by the Sanders-Warren enclave that the country may well never recover. Those same people point out that Tim Kaine has always seemed amenable to a far-left agenda.

Make no mistake. There had better be a gazillion (OK,  another 35 or 40 million)  “shy” and un-polled Trump voters out there if he is to win, and they better live in the right states, but that’s why we have the actual election, isn’t it?

Believe it or not, the election hasn’t happened yet. You still have time to vote for the America of your choice.

Remember that.

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