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This is not education.

October 27, 2016

This headline kind of grabs you right in the…gut.

From Eric Owens, Education Editor for the Daily Caller, the article is headlined  “Fancypants College Vows POLICE INVESTIGATIONS for ‘Offensive’ Halloween costumes.”

Offensive costumes are just about anything. Nothing ethnic, of course.  No sexy costumes because they objectify women, Blah. Blah. Blah.

Actually the Boston P.D. isn’t going to be grabbing up students en masse…it’s the 58-man campus police department that was put on the spot.  Still,  it makes you wonder if that’s what parents thought they were getting for their $66,000 annual bill for tuition and fees.

Supposedly the edict did not come from the college administrator or board members , but from students themselves.  The college however does have a form to report whatever the students see as biased or hate speech or actions, unless of course that charge is leveled at them.

A lot is being made out of the fact that college-“educated” people, particularly women, aren’t voting for Donald Trump.

Small wonder.  He goes against everything they been so carefully taught to abhor.

Things like everyone has a right to an opinion.

College has traditionally been a place to learn about being an adult as well as acquiring whatever hard skills you will need to make a living.

Kids are going to make mistakes in learning life’s lessons. It’s unavoidable.

The lessons they used to learn included finding out that no one was going to hold their hand or clean and powder their little behinds anymore.

Didn’t finish your term paper? Too bad…you get an “F”.  Forgot to wash your laundry?  Too bad. Wear the vomit-stained ones from the last frat or sorority party.

Those kind of lessons.

But learning how to be offended?  Cowering in some “safe zone” because you might hear a viewpoint you don’t agree with? Restricting everyone’s right to free speech so you can be the only voice in the room? Using the most vile cusswords and threats of physical violence  to intimidate a fellow student who didn’t agree with you while taking Trump to task over his speech?

That’s brainwashing, not education.

If these students don’t want to dress in some specific way then they have a perfect right  to self-censor their costumes. That’s OK.

Demanding that everyone else adhere to their costume choices is not OK. That’s not a demonstration of exercising freedom of thought, word or deed. It’s pure, unvarnished propaganda.

The flip side of that is the 50-ish man saying “I’m not educated, because I only finished high school, but I’m voting for Mr. Trump because he cares about our veterans.”

What kind of country has its values so skewed that someone feels they are inferior for finishing high school?

Stand proud my friend.  You have a far better education than the pantywaist generation that will be awarded their quarter-of-a-million dollar degrees this year.

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