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Life under the liberal left.

October 28, 2016

Who is protecting the cows?

On September 19, California’s Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill to regulate cow farts.

The Democratic  governor is obviously guilty as sin of promoting pure boviniaphobia and taurophobia at its most deplorable level ever.

This is obviously a serious case of generational discrimination against a defenseless minority.

There were 39,144,818 humans in California in 2015, while the beef and dairy cattle population was just 5,150,000, a nearly 8 to 1 advantage for humans.

There is no doubt that California cows are in the grip of the deleterious effects of human privilege.

Why has no one measured the fart potential of  those 39 million Californians living on kale, nuts and other meat replacements such as kidney, lima and black beans.? In terms of recaptured energy from methane gas, not to mention tax revenue, these folks are a gold mine of potential.

This brings a whole new take on  “clean” energy.

Somehow, this conjures up visions of cows walking around with some sort of fart gas measurement devices attached to their behinds, kind of like the poop bags on the horses in Central Park.

Now that’s animal research that is imminently transferable to humans.

On the plus side, the tampon tax and the disposable diaper tax, both of which are obviously discriminatory against women, were retained when Governor Brown refused to repeal the sales taxes on the products.

No one could make this stuff up.  

Welcome to the wonderful world of progressive liberal social engineering and hysterical environmental insanity.

There’s a long string of evidence that as California goes, so goes the nation.

And we are even remotely considering electing one of these people as President? Someone who has raised well over $20.7 million from Hollywood alone? Someone whose heir apparent is Elizabeth Warren?

Are we bleeping nuts?

The problem with this whole golden state mentality is that it stands squarely in the way of common sense energy policies and fair and rational government.

On that note, have a happy weekend:)

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